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Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED display is an innovative display technology that is composed of transparent LED elements, allowing the screen to display content through itself without blocking the landscape behind it. This kind of display is widely used in commercial displays, retail windows, event stages and other occasions to provide unique and eye-catching visual effects. Its transparency allows viewers to see the environment behind the screen while enjoying high-quality image and video presentation.

As a leading LED transparent display manufacturer, Chinastar’s transparent LED display panels can display stunning visual effects on any glass surface that are sure to dazzle your audience. Our products have the characteristics of high transparency, ultra-lightweight, intelligent control, simplicity, high refresh rate, energy saving, etc., and are constantly being developed, upgraded, optimized, and transformed.

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Transparent LED Screen

Classic Series

1000*500mm, 500*500mm
85% Transparency
Glass Wall Large indoor space

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Transparent LED Screen

Rental Series

85% Transparency
Stage Rental Exhibition

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led film

Flexible Series

95% high transparency

1.2mm thickness

200-2500nits high brightness

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Classic Series Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Screen

Chinastar’s classic series of transparent LED displays add color to glass windows, with high transparency, wide viewing angles, easy control, and outstanding contrast. Easily applied to glass windows while maintaining architectural appearance and transparency. Its modular design, transparency >80%, easy installation and maintenance, and unique display effects make it stand out among similar products.

Rental Series Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Display


Chinastar transparent rental LED display has the following salient features:

Quick construction: The equipment adopts a new structural design, supports easy hoisting, installation and stacking, and is suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities.

High transparency: Transparency exceeds 80%. When installed on a glass wall, it does not affect the appearance and transparency of the building.

Ultra-light and thin structural design: The design is ultra-thin, only 7mm thick, and is made of die-cast aluminum, which is strong and tough and not easy to deform.

High precision: Adopt modular design and quick locking structure to ensure high precision and reliability.

Modular design: The display adopts a modular design for easy assembly and disassembly.

Easy to install and disassemble: The device weighs only 7kg and can be operated with one hand, simplifying the installation and disassembly process.

Poster Series Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Display

Chinastar transparent poster LED display is an ideal advertising solution for retail chain stores. It stands out for its features such as lightness and portability, centralized control, convenient maintenance, quick installation, and high transparency. This display has not only become the most powerful media for retail stores to carry brand influence, but also enhances user experience through unique advertising display effects, creating more possibilities for brand promotion and product promotion.


If you think that the only tool for displaying advertisements is a traditional LED display, you are totally wrong! Because there are already transparent LED displays on the market today.

Next, I will show you some important things about transparent LED screens, including what a transparent LED display is, its price, how to use it to maximize your profits, and how to install it quickly! So please keep reading!

1. What Is Transparent LED Screen?


Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED display is an innovative display technology that is made of transparent LED materials and can present images and videos on the display while maintaining a high degree of transparency. The design of this display screen allows the audience to see the scenery behind it through the screen, thereby creating a unique effect of combining reality and reality.

Transparent LED displays typically consist of a series of LED pixels arranged in a grid or otherwise arranged to form an image on the screen. Since the LED material itself is transparent, when the LED is turned off, light can penetrate the entire screen, making the entire display highly transparent.

This display technology is widely used in retail, commercial displays, museums, stage performances and other settings. The special design of the transparent LED display makes it an ideal choice for attracting people’s attention and creating a unique spatial experience.

2. What Problems Does A Transparent Screen Solve?

he emergence of transparent LED displays aims to solve some pain points in the traditional LED display industry, including:

  • Blocking line of sight problem: When the traditional LED display is turned on, it may block the real scene behind it, limiting the audience’s comprehensive perception of the scene. The transparent LED screen solves this problem by retaining the real scene of the background through a high-transparency design.
  • Space aesthetic issues: Traditional LED displays usually appear as black blocks when turned off, which affects the overall aesthetics of the space. The transparent LED screen has almost no impact when closed, keeping the space open.
  • Flexibility and innovation: Traditional LED display screens have relatively fixed shapes and are difficult to meet the needs of some special scenarios. With its thin, light and flexible characteristics, transparent LED screens can more flexibly adapt to various scenarios and provide more innovative display methods.

Transparent LED Film

  • Energy efficiency issues: Traditional LED displays may consume more power while providing high-brightness visual effects. The transparent LED screen uses high transparency and energy-saving LED technology to provide clear images while reducing energy consumption.
  • Interactivity and combination of reality and reality:The design of the transparent LED display allows the audience to see the real scene behind them while watching the screen content, achieving an organic combination of virtuality and reality, and enhancing the audience’s sense of participation and interactivity.

The above briefly introduces the pain points of the LED display industry that transparent screens solve. If you’re interested in transparent led screen, please contact us for more details!

3. What Are the Differences from Other Types of Display?

The main differences between transparent LED displays and traditional LED displays are appearance, application scenarios and design features:


  • Appearance design:

Transparent LED display: With high transparency, when the screen is closed, there is almost no obstruction, maintaining the open feeling of the space. When turned on, it displays a clear image while allowing the real scene behind to show through.

Traditional LED display: Appears as a fixed screen panel, usually appearing as a black block when turned off.


  • Application scenarios:

Transparent LED display: Suitable for scenes where information needs to be displayed but does not want to completely block the line of sight, such as shopping mall windows, exhibition halls, performing arts stages, etc.

Traditional LED display: Mainly used in scenes that require comprehensive display of high-brightness images or videos, such as stadiums, squares, indoor large screens, etc.

Transparent LED Screen

  • Applicable design features:

Transparent LED display: It is characterized by high transparency, supports the transmission of real scenes from the background, has a thin and flexible design, and is more suitable for some occasions that require space aesthetics.

Traditional LED display screen: The design form is relatively fixed, focusing on high brightness, clarity and wide viewing angle, and is suitable for scenes that require high display effects.


Generally speaking, transparent LED displays pay more attention to the integration with space aesthetics, providing novel solutions for some scenes where information needs to be displayed but does not want to completely block the line of sight. Traditional LED displays focus more on providing visual effects with high brightness, clarity and wide viewing angles, and are suitable for occasions where comprehensive display of content is required.

4. Transparent LED Screen Price

In recent years, due to its innovative technological upgrades, more and more people are interested in LED transparent screens compared to ordinary LED displays. However, they do not know much about the market price of transparent LED displays. The following lists some of the main factors affecting transparent LED displays.

  1. Lamp beads:

The price of transparent LED screens is affected by the quality and quantity of different brands of lamp beads. High-quality beads determine the screen clarity. Brands such as Nationstar and Kinglight, etc.

Transparent LED ScreenTransparent LED Screen

  1. IC:

The number and functions of IC determine the price. The more the number and functions of IC, the higher the price.

High-quality IC driver enables stable performance of LED lamp beads, and can decrease many unwanted phenomena such as blinking and dead light. Common IC driver brands are MARCOBLOCK, CHIP ONE, Hemingway Electronics, Fuman Electronics, Mingyang, and so on

  1. Cabinet material and power supply:

There are differences in the prices of cabinets made of different materials, and carbon fiber cabinets are more expensive.

  1. Pixel pitch

Different pixel pitches lead to large differences in product prices. Generally speaking, small pitches correspond to higher prices. Common pixel pitches are 3.91-7.82mm, 3.91-5mm, 6.25-6.25mm, etc.

  1. Whether to customize

Customization requirements will make the price budget higher, especially for special-shaped transparent screens, such as arcs, triangles, etc.

  1. Indoor or outdoor locations

There is a large price difference between indoor and outdoor LED displays. Outdoor screens require higher-level LED lamp beads and complex designs, resulting in higher prices.

  1. Installation

Installation costs include steel structure, electrical wiring, installation and commissioning, transportation costs, etc.

5.The Applications of Transparent LED Display Screen

Transparent screens are widely used in multiple industries and scenarios due to their unique design and high transparency.

Retail Stores and Shopping Malls: Transparent screens can be used in retail store windows and within shopping malls to provide an innovative and eye-catching way to display products while maintaining product visibility.

Transparent LED Display

Exhibitions and museums: In museums and art exhibitions, transparent screens are used for information display, explanations and interactive displays to enhance the audience’s attraction to the exhibits.

Corporate Lobbies and Offices: Transparent screens can be used in corporate lobbies to display company information, welcome messages, and real-time data. In the office, it can also serve as an interactive screen for meetings and team collaboration.

Outdoor advertising and building decoration: Transparent screens are increasingly used in outdoor billboards and building facades to create eye-catching advertising effects by integrating advertising into buildings.

Car display and sales: In car exhibitions and sales, transparent screens can be used to display the car’s internal structure, technical features and interactive demonstrations.

Transparent LED Screen

Hotel and Catering Industry: Transparent screens can be used in hotel lobbies, restaurants or bars to provide customers with information, entertainment and interactive experiences.

Cinemas and studios: Transparent screens can be used in cinemas and studios as transparent projection screens or for displays in virtual scenes, providing an immersive experience.

Outdoor landscaping and architectural decoration: Transparent screens can be embedded in building exterior walls or glass curtain walls to create unique architectural landscaping and decorative effects.

Transparent LED Screen

Events and performing arts performances: In concerts, events and performing arts performances, transparent screens can be used as stage decorations, curtains and special effects displays to enhance the visual effect of the performance.

6. Why Choosing Chinastar?

High quality LED parts

We have established close cooperation with suppliers such as Novastar, Kinglight, Nationstar, Colorlight, Meanwell, Macroblock, Mooncell etc. The industry’s first-class raw materials ensure that our products are stable and reliable.

First-class workshop, professional workers

Chinastar has first-class automated production equipment, a set of efficient production lines, and professional workers. Our main engineer team have more than 10 years led industry experience and can offer you ODM&OEM and Projects Install service

Fast delivery and sufficient production capacity

We have mature and efficient production lines that can produce high-quality LED displays with fast delivery, which is very important for LED display rental projects because many projects require timeliness.

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7. Conclusion

After learning more about transparent LED displays, are you excited?

Want to find a professional and responsible LED display supplier? Or would you like to get the latest great offers, fill out the simple contact form to send us a message today!

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