Point-to-point correcting

High quality black body with square module

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MPF2.5 Series Spherical LED screen

Chinastar spherical led display is mainly used for indoor advertising or demonstrations.

It has unified technologies such as multi-display split screen and telescopic abnormal display, and can present high-definition and seamless splicing picture effects.

At the same time, the colors are brilliant and the grayscale performance is stunning, bringing an excellent visual experience to the audience.

Spherical LED display

Trapezoid shape PCB design ensures seamless jointing&high uniformity.Special design for each utility models Wide viewing angel of 360°

Uniform sampling point: support uniform tap technology to display the image without distortion

Spherical LED display


Flexible control: compatible with synchrony, support offline and online methods

Convenient installation: as a complete system,support installation, hoisting,embedded installation, etc.

Convenient maintenance: support pre-maintenance and post-maintenance.

Spherical LED screen

Flexible module: Flexible,thin and light-weight,(can be customized to size)

Flexible led module

Four High Technologies – Point-to-Point Correction

The display features four high technologies and point-to-point correcting.

High refresh rate, high gray scale level, high definition and high contrast rate present excellent quality picture output in every condition.

hemispherical display


High Quality Black Body with Square Module

The display features high quality black body and square module.

The strong body prevents any damage and makes it reliable in any weather conditions.

Rectangle module makes it ideal to use at any place.

led hemispherical display screen

Unique Cabinet Design -Easy to Install & Transport

The cabinet of High-Quality Stage LED Screen features unique rugged design which makes it easy to carry and install.

The lightweight cabinet is easy to carry and saves transportation cost.

lt’s damage free and lasts for a lifetime.Pick out from different standard colors of cabinets

spherical led


Highly Cost-effective

The precise and thin design of SMDLED screen makes it easy to move install and maintain.

lt saves good amount of money on your labor and transportation cost.

Special technolog is used to minimize power use.

PCB boards use Large Scale Integrated Circuit design, improving the stability of LED screen.

spherical led screen


Fastest Delivery and Best Online Services

Chinastar provides best online services to the customers, and we are always ready to assist you when you need us.

Also, we take great care of the safety of the products.Our company is located just five-minute drive from airport and port.

We work with the leading logistics who ensure fastest and safest delivery of your products.

Fastest Delivery

spherical led screen

Pixel Pitch3mm
Diameters01-7m (Can Custom)
Standard cabinet sizecustom design
Weight per sqm28 Kg/sqm
Whiteness brightness1500 cd/sqm
Led packageSMD2020
Wave Angle (H)360degree(H)/360degree(M)
Best view distance>=3m
Working voltageAC 220v/380v+/-10%50-60Hz
Power consumption/ m2230W/sqm
Short circuit protectionYes
Refresh3840 Hz
Changing frame frequency60 Hz
Driving methodConstant driving ,1/16 scan
Working EnvironmentIndoor
Working temperature-30-60centigrade
Working Humidity10-95%
Out of control1000(scattered)
lifetime100,000 hours





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