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Rental LED screens are flexible and can be adapted to different venue and stage designs. Whether indoors or outdoors, rental LED display can provide clear pictures, allowing concerts to be successfully held in various environments.

Chinastar Event LED Display Product Recommendation

P3.91 Rental LED Screen

P3.91 Rental LED Display

  • P2.6mm, P2.9mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm
  • 7.5kg/cabinet weight , 80mm thickness
  • Supports 94° right angle 
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Rental LED Display

P2.6 3.9 Rental LED Display

  • Standard size cabinet with 500*500
  • Can be maintain before and after
  • Seamless, Better Visual Effects
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Rental LED Display

RC391 Rental LED Display

  • 500*500mm/500*1000mm
  • Flexible display support – convex curve+-5°
  • Quality Certificate: CE、RoHs、FC
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What screens are typically needed for events

Holding events usually requires the use of LED displays, the most common of which is event LED screens. Compared with projectors, TVs and LCD monitors, active LED screens have many advantages.

Visual appeal: Active LED screens provide high-brightness, high-contrast visual effects, making event content more eye-catching. Clear and bright images can attract the audience’s attention and enhance the overall visual appeal.

Adaptability and flexibility: LED screens are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to adapt to different site and layout needs. Whether indoors or outdoors, LED screens are able to provide high-quality visual effects, making them competent in various environments.

Durability and Stability: The design of LED screens makes them more durable and able to withstand various weather conditions and usage environments. Its stability ensures continued high-quality display during events.

Good information transmission effect: LED screen can clearly display text, images and videos, making information transmission more intuitive and vivid. This is important for communicating key information such as event schedules, sponsor information, artistic performances, etc.

Customization: LED displays can be easily customized with different content, graphics and video formats. This allows you to present your brand or message in a

Overall, with its excellent brightness, flexibility, visibility, durability and customizability, event LED screens have become an ideal visual display tool in events, which can enhance the attraction and participation experience of events.

Where are the event rental LED displays generally used?

Stage rental LED display

LED display screen has become an ideal stage background for various large-scale cultural evening parties, concerts, and music festivals. Its flexibility can display different content according to different program needs, and combined with the lighting and sound system, it can present stunning stage effects.

Wedding scene

Wedding LED displays are popular, creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere through the LED screen’s color screen and gauze curtains. During the wedding ceremony, the LED screen plays pictures or video content that matches the wedding, adding charm to the wedding scene.

Mobile LED screen

Mobile LED screen

Mobile advertising trucks are ideal, especially if you are on a tight budget. Mobile LED display screens are more flexible than modular LED screen rentals and can display event sites in multiple directions, providing a richer experience for events.

Product release

Today, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, LED displays are widely used in new product launches of major brands. The large screen can perfectly display product details from multiple angles and leave a deep impression with customized videos.

Sports event audience area

In sports events, especially in temporary audience areas, rental LED displays can be used to play live matches, replays and interactive content to enhance the audience experience.

Why Choose LED Screen From Chinastar

Why Choose LED Screens for Events?

When deciding between LED screens, projectors, or LCD displays for events, the advantages of LED panels become evident. Some compelling reasons include:

Easy Maintenance: LED screens require minimal maintenance, with many supporting front-service maintenance.

Customizability: Available in various shapes and sizes, LED screens can be tailored to fit any event space or application.

Higher Resolution: Offering a maximum resolution surpassing many LCD displays and projectors, up to 4K or even 8K.

Wide Viewing Angles: Unlike projectors, LED screens provide wide viewing angles up to 160 degrees, eliminating the need for specific angles and spaces.

Better Image Quality: Featuring superior image quality with attributes like a 3840Hz refresh rate and 16-bit grayscale.

Price for Events LED Display?

Factors that affect rental costs include modular or mobile rental LED displays, pixel pitch, indoor or outdoor use, labor costs, service hours, etc. LED wall screen rental costs range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on size, configuration, application, etc.

The following are the key factors that affect the cost of LED display rental:

(1) Modular or mobile rental LED display

Generally speaking, the cost of mobile LED displays is low and labor costs are relatively small. 

(2) Pixel pitch

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price and resolution. Choosing the best pixel value requires a cost-effective decision based on actual viewing distance.

(3) Outdoor or indoor use

Outdoor LED displays are usually more expensive than indoor ones because outdoor requirements are higher and require stronger protection and brightness.

(4) Labor costs

Installation complexity, number of LED modules and length of time will affect labor costs.

How to get the most cost-effective rental display screen?

After understanding the factors that determine pricing, here are some suggestions to help you get the most cost-effective LED display rental:

(1) Get the correct pixel spacing

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price. Choosing the appropriate pixel spacing is a financially wise choice, taking into account the viewing distance of your audience.

(2) Shorten the total time of LED screen rental project

Introduce LED screens after the stage, lighting and sound are installed to save time and budget.

(3) Try to avoid peak periods or book in advance

Avoid renting during some major holidays such as New Year, Christmas, and Easter. If you want to rent the display for events held in these holidays, book the display in advance to prevent tight stock.

By understanding these factors, you can better control the cost of your LED display rental and ensure you are maximizing its performance. If you are interested in LED display rental costs, please feel free to leave a message for a detailed quote!

Creative Uses of LED Event Screens

Stage LED Screens

  • Backdrop: Set up LED screens as a backdrop behind performers or speakers on stage for dynamic visual elements enhancing the overall event atmosphere.
  • Floor Display: Place LED screens on the stage floor for a dramatic effect, seamlessly incorporating them into the stage design.

Exhibition LED Displays

  • Trade Booth: Use LED displays in trade booths to attract attention and showcase products or services.
  • Hanging Displays: Suspend LED displays from the ceiling above booths for a high-impact visual element visible across the exhibit hall.
  • Floor-Based Displays:Position LED screens on the exhibit floor for added dimension and impact.
Rental LED Display

Temporary stages and performances

  • In outdoor concerts, cultural festivals, temporary stage performances and other occasions, rental LED display screens can be used to display performance content, provide live images and interactive effects.

Sports Events

  • In sports events, especially in temporary audience areas, rental LED displays can be used to play live matches, replays and interactive content to enhance the audience experience.

Product Launches

  • Utilize LED screens during product launches to highlight specific products through high-resolution images, videos, and animations, creating a memorable and immersive experience.

Shopping Malls and Retails

  • Shopping malls and retail stores can use LED displays for marketing campaigns, promoting product information, and attracting crowds during grand opening ceremonies.

LED Screens for Weddings

  • LED displays can serve as stage backdrops, live streaming displays, and interactive entertainment at weddings, creating a romantic and captivating atmosphere.

Political Events led screen

Political Events

  • LED screens in political events can broadcast live performances, speeches, and activities, providing better visibility for attendees at a distance from the stage or activity area.

These creative applications showcase the versatile use of LED screens, providing captivating visual effects and effective information communication across various event scenarios.

How to install LED Screen for Event?

Ease and speed are crucial during the installation of rental LED displays, as these displays often need to be moved elsewhere quickly after the event. A professional team is used to quickly set up brackets and connect power and signal lines to ensure that the LED display can be put into use in a short time. This efficient installation method not only improves the flexibility of activities, but also ensures stable operation and good performance of the display.

Installation Precautions:

  • Be careful when moving the cabinet:Be careful during the transportation process to avoid bumps on the edges to prevent problems such as the LED lamp beads falling.
  •  Avoid installation while the power is on: Never install the LED box while the power is on to ensure safe operation.

  • Check the LED screen before powering on: Before powering on the LED screen, use a multimeter to check the LED module to eliminate potential problems.

Common installation methods include:

  • Suspension installation: Hang the LED display on a bracket or suspension system, usually used on stages, concerts, concerts and other occasions. Suspended installations provide multiple viewing angles and take up no floor space.
  • Stacking method: Place the LED display on the ground, and the supporting structure is usually a bracket or pillar. This method is suitable for situations where a display screen needs to be set up on the ground, such as exhibitions, outdoor activities, etc.

  • Hanging installation: Use the hanging system to hang the LED display on the beam, which is suitable for occasions that need to be displayed at high altitude, such as conference venues, exhibition halls, etc.
  • 90 degree right angle installation: Beautiful appearance, small right angle joints, providing stable and reliable display quality.

  • Arc installation: High-precision arc lock allows easy arc installation, suitable for inner and outer arcs to achieve convex and concave LED screen effects.

  • Stage LED screen bracket truss installation: The newly designed stage LED truss system is suitable for ground-fixed LED screens. It is made of high-grade lightweight aluminum and is suitable for cabinets of different sizes. The wheels at the bottom are removable. In addition to flat video walls, Curved LED screens with adjustable legs are also available for rent.
  • Fixed installation: Truss fixed installation is the most common way to rent LED screens indoors and outdoors. First build the steel frame, and then assemble the LED display by stacking it. The quick locking design greatly saves installation time. The LED box can also be installed at the end of the event. Quick disassembly afterwards.


Chinastar Event LED Display Product Recommendation

P3.91 Rental LED Screen

P3.91 Series Rental LED Display

  • Pixel pitches including P2.6mm, P2.9mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm
  • Portable and good stability with weight about 7.5kg/cabinet and thickness about 80mm
  • Better performance with high definition visual display.
  • Supports 94° right angle LED display installation to meet some special buildings and applications.
Product namerental led display screen
Cabinet size500x1000mm and 500x500mm
ApplicationsConcert Background
Warranty3 Years
Life span100000 Hours
Pixel Pitch3.91mm, 2.0
Cabinet materialDie- -casting Alumium
FeatureP3.91 P4.81 Rental Led Display
Applicationfor event advertising and commercial exhibition, Outdoor, Semi- -outdoor, indoor
Supplier TypeOriginal manufacturer, ODM, OEM
Media Availabledatasheet, Photo
useadvertising publish, retail store, shopping mall, display of dishes, welcome display, self-service business, exhibition hall, wayfinding. airport, subway, elevator, Restaurant & Hotel Supplies, education
SpecificationVideo Wall
Place of OriginGuangdong.China
Colorfull color
Panel Size500x500mm
Model NumberP3.91
Brand NameChinaStar
Rental LED Display

RL391 Series Rental LED Display

  • Standard size cabinet with 500*500
  • Can be maintain before and after
  • High-end Rental LED Display
  • Perfect LED display performance
  • Seamless Display and Better Visual Effects

Panel Size





Digital Poster, Video Wall



Refresh rate


Module size


Cabinet size


Cabinet material


Scan mode






Life span


Rental LED Display

RC391Rental LED Display

  • Standard size cabinet with 500*500mm/500*1000mm
  • Flexible display support – convex curve+-5°
  • Corner protection
  • Quality Certificate: CE、RoHs、FC
  • Thin and Light
  • High Definition


Pixel PitchP2.604mmP3.91mmP4.81mm
Panel Resolution192x192dots128x128dots104x104dots
Module Size250*250mm
Panel Size500x500mm
Refresh Rate>3840HZ
Grey Scale16bit
Maintain MethodsFront/ Rear
View Angle160*/ 140°


Pixel PitchP2.604mmP3.91mmP4.81mm
Panel Resolution192x384dots128x256dots104x208dots
Module Size250* 250mm
Panel Size500x1000mm
Refresh Rate> 3840HZ
Grey Scale16bit
Maintain MethodsFront/ Rear
View Angle160%/ 140°


Chinastar is committed to providing our customers with high-standard and cost-effective LED movable screens. We have a professional team of engineers and a production workshop with 13 years of experience. We offer 24/7 customer service (including pre-sales service and after-sales guidance) and a comprehensive 3-5 year warranty. Whether you need a rental LED display for various occasions such as weddings, stages, festivals, etc., we can provide quality solutions and fast delivery. Just contact us to get your great quote!

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