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Street Smart Pole LED Display Solution

In the development process of cities, smart light poles are rapidly emerging as a new model that integrates information and communication technology with traditional urban public infrastructure, becoming the most promising new public infrastructure in this field. This trend marks the modernization and intelligent development of urban management. By integrating advanced communication technology, smart light poles provide urban residents with a variety of convenient services and promote cities to move in a more intelligent, efficient and sustainable direction.

Street Smart Pole LED Display

Chinastar smart pole LED screen is a classic integrated LED display product with high brightness, waterproof, dustproof and other characteristics. Compared with traditional LED large screens, despite their smaller size, smart pole LED displays have excellent performance in information release, advertising display, information collection, road condition broadcast, traffic guidance, urban lighting, etc. Its fast installation, convenient maintenance and cluster control characteristics make it widely used in various fields.

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Key Parameters of Smart Pole LED display

Street lighting Pole LED Display

  Pixel pitch: P2.5,P3.072,P4, P5

Cabinet Material: Aluminium/Steel

Cabinet Size: 800x1600mm,960*1600mm

Module Size: 200*200mm,320*160mm

refresh rate: 1920~3840Hz/s

Brightness: 4500cd/m2

weight(gross): 60kg

Waterproof Level: IP65

Viewing angle:>140

Communication: 3G/4G/LAN/WIFI/Phone

resolution ratio: 245760 dots,162240 dots,96000 dots,61440 dots

Quiet and efficient operation

Using high-quality LED display power supplies and efficient cooling fans, Chinastar smart light pole LED displays P2.5, P3.072, P4, and P5 LED screens achieve a silent design and operate efficiently. Its sealing performance is good, and there is no noise at all when the box is working, making the light pole LED display meet the environmental protection standard of noise-free operation.

Street lighting Pole LED Display

Various control methods

Chinastar smart pole LED display has a variety of control methods, supporting 3G, 4G, WIFI, LAN, phone control and cluster control. This variety of control methods makes the management of street pole LED displays more flexible and convenient.

Street Smart Pole LED Display

Multiple installation methods

Chinastar smart light pole screens provide a variety of flexible installation methods, including side-mounted installation, center-mounted installation, roof-mounted installation and wall-mounted installation. Each installation method is designed to be simple, which greatly saves time and cost, making the smart light pole screen easily adaptable to various scenarios, providing users with greater flexibility.

Street lighting Pole LED Display

IP65 Waterproof

Chinastar smart light pole LED screen has excellent structural strength and excellent waterproof performance, reaching IP65 waterproof level. This makes it widely used in outdoor environments and can work normally in various harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, high and low temperatures, etc., ensuring its reliability and durability in the unpredictable outdoor climate.

Street lighting Pole LED Display screen

Customized services

Chinastar smart pole LED screen provides a variety of customized options. Different pixel pitches can be customized according to customer needs, including P2.5 P3.072 P4 P5 and other specifications. In addition, you can choose single-sided or double-sided light pole screens, and the size can also be customized according to customers’ specific requirements. We focus on providing customers with personalized solutions. If you want to know more about customized services, please feel free to contact us.

Street lighting Pole LED Display

Using Scenarios of Smart Pole LED Display

Traffic safety:

Traffic instructions and traffic information: The LED display can display traffic instructions, traffic information and navigation tips in real time, providing drivers and pedestrians with real-time traffic information, helping to avoid congestion and accidents.

Emergency notification: In case of emergency, the light pole LED display can be used to issue emergency notifications and alarms to remind drivers and pedestrians to take corresponding safety measures.



Traffic advertising: Use LED displays for advertising on the side of the road to display commercial advertisements, social propaganda and other information to passing vehicles and pedestrians to increase the exposure of advertisements.

Time period switching: Flexibly control the content of the LED display and switch different advertisements according to different time periods to achieve more precise advertising.

Community service ads: Advertisements that provide services to the local community, such as medical services, commercial activities, etc., to increase the convenience of community residents.

Why Choose LED Screen From Chinastar


Street light pole LED display, also known as smart pole LED display, is not only a lighting tool, but also a leader in urban development. Traditional street lights meet lighting needs, while smart LED street light pole displays inject new vitality and functionality into the city by integrating advanced technology.

Street lighting Pole LED Display

The emergence of this kind of smart pole has changed the image of the city and led the city to move towards a smart, sustainable, safe and livable direction. It not only solves traditional lighting problems, but also monitors real-time street conditions through built-in cameras, enabling urban security monitoring. At the same time, LED displays replace traditional banner advertisements and provide multi-functional services for the city.

This multi-functional smart pole can provide citizens with real-time information, news, weather forecast and other services through digital display. It not only beautifies the urban environment, but also provides citizens with a more convenient life experience. By introducing smart technology, these street light poles are not just a single lighting facility, but also a part of urban development, injecting more intelligent elements and humanized services into the city.

二、The Advantages of Street Pole LED Display                       

Street smart pole LED display has the following technical advantages:

  1. High resolution:Designed for long-distance viewing, it supports high-resolution small pixel screens (such as P2.5, P3, P4, P5) to ensure clear and delicate image effects at close viewing angles.
  2. Stable and highwaterproof level: Through strict glue filling process, the stability of the LED display is improved and reaches a high waterproof level, ensuring reliable operation under extreme weather conditions.
  3. Energy saving:Introducing advanced energy-saving technology and using energy-saving driver IC and common cathode power supply (4.2V low-voltage driver) to achieve efficient and energy-saving operation of the LED display and reduce power consumption.
  4. Brightness adjustment:Integrated intelligent brightness adjustment system can realize automatic adjustment or set time adjustment according to ambient lighting conditions to ensure the best visibility during the day and night.
  5. Environmental monitoring:Integrate environmental monitoring sensors to measure and feedback environmental parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, PM2.5 concentration and noise level in real time to provide data support for urban environment monitoring.
  6. Remote management: Use advanced remote cluster control technology to achieve seamless remote management of LED displays, including content updates, monitoring and troubleshooting.
  7. Multi-screen synchronization:Supports the synchronous playback of multiple LED displays. Through precise time synchronization and content release, it ensures that multiple screens present consistent visual effects and improves the overall advertising communication effect.
  8. Customized size: Provide flexible size customization services to meet the special needs of LED display sizes and shapes in different scenarios, and achieve personalized design and customized installation.

三、How to Estimate Smart Pole LED Display Price?

Street lighting Pole LED Display
Compared with traditional LED displays, street smart pole LED displays may be more expensive. The specific influencing factors are as below:
  • Customization requirements: 
Street Smart pole LED displays usually need to be customized according to the actual light pole design and urban planning. This customization may lead to increased costs, which may be more expensive than traditional displays.
  • Integrated technology: 
Street smart pole LED displays usually integrate more technical elements, such as surveillance cameras, environmental sensors, etc. These additional features may make it more expensive than traditional displays.
  • Protection design: 
Smart light pole LED displays need to have strong waterproof and dustproof properties to adapt to complex outdoor environmental conditions. This may require the use of more durable, high-protection materials, affecting the price of the product.
  • Communication methods: 
Smart pole LED displays usually need to support multiple communication methods, such as 3G/4G, LAN, WIFI, etc., to achieve remote control and updates. The integration of these communication modules may have some impact on the price.
  • Screen size and resolution: 
The screen size and resolution of the smart light pole LED display also have an impact on the price. Larger sizes and higher resolution screens usually increase the cost.
  • Additional functions: 
Street smart pole LED displays usually have more additional functions, such as real-time monitoring, data collection, etc. The integration and maintenance of these functions may increase manufacturing and operating costs.
Although the price of street pole LED display is relatively high, it has more functions and adaptability and is suitable for the needs of urban smart construction. Therefore, the difference in price also reflects the special design and technical requirements of the product.

四、Chinastar Pole LED Display Case

            Street lighting Pole LED Display

五、 FAQs of Smart Light Pole LED Display


(1) How much temperature can the street pole LED display withstand?

The street pole LED display can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees and is suitable for high-temperature environments such as highways and roadsides. Even when not working, the internal temperature can reach 60 degrees in summer.

(2) What are the differences between street pole LED displays and traditional LED displays?

a. Production cost: higher than traditional LED display production cost.

b. Practicality: It is more practical and requires stricter parameters and quality. Such as brightness, weight, functionality, heat dissipation capabilities, etc.

c. Energy consumption: Generally speaking, LED light pole screens use less electricity and are more energy-saving.

d. Function: Integrate intelligent functions such as data collection and analysis.

e. Required auxiliary equipment: LED light pole screens also need to be equipped with many additional equipment, such as WIFI, audio, automatic brightness adjustment, automatic temperature control, etc.

(3) What are the general standards for street pole LED screens?

Installation height: 3m to 4m.

Screen size: 0.5㎡ to 1.5㎡.

Maximum power consumption: The maximum power consumption per screen can reach 800W, and the average power consumption per screen is 240W.

(4) Why is the pole LED display more expensive than the traditional LED display?

  1. LED light pole screens require more complex production processes, such as multiple times of painting and assembly of accessories.
  2. B. It has a more comprehensive multi-functional system. For example, it usually includes functions such as error positioning, data feedback, brightness adjustment, and monitoring.
  3. Higher requirements are placed on its performance, including higher brightness levels, better protection, resistance to sunlight, and many other smart features.

(5) What equipment should a street pole LED display have?

Photoresistor and temperature-controlled fan: used to automatically manage brightness and temperature, improve safety and save electricity bills

Since almost all street light pole LED displays are installed on highways, the ambient brightness and temperature are variable. To achieve timely and accurate brightness and temperature adjustment, there should be automatic management. For example, when the ambient brightness becomes higher, the screen brightness should also become higher accordingly.

This is where the photoresistor comes into play: when the ambient brightness becomes higher, the resistance decreases, resulting in a brighter screen.

(6) How can street pole LED displays withstand high temperatures?

This is a common question from users: How can street light pole LED displays withstand high temperatures? It is understood that the ambient temperature in summer can reach 40 degrees, and the indoor temperature can even reach 80 degrees! Therefore, many customers will worry about whether the heat dissipation of the monitor is obvious. The street light pole LED display adopts advanced heat dissipation design to ensure that it can still work normally in high temperature environments.

(7) How long is the service life of LED street pole screen?

Due to the low light attenuation, the general service life can reach 10 years.


If you have any other questions about street light pole LED displays or need specific project solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us via online contact or email. We will provide sufficient advice and help to solve the problems you encounter in your project. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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