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LED rental screen

The continuous advancement of digital technology has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the LED display industry. In the past few years, we have witnessed rapid advancements in LED technology, making LED rental screens increasingly popular in various large-scale events and commercial displays.

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Behind this trend are innovations and developments in LED technology and the need for flexible, high-performance displays. This article will explore the features, application areas, buying guide, and why to choose Chinstar as your LED rental manufacturer.



P2.6mm, P2.9mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm



P2.604mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm


500*500 / 500*1000mm

P2.97 P3.91 P4.81

p2.6 3.9


P2.6mm, P3.91mm


500 x500mm/500x1000mm

P3.91 P4.81 P6.25



P2.5 P4 P5 P8 P10

Behind this trend are innovations and developments in LED technology and the need for flexible, high-performance displays. This article will explore the features, application areas, buying guide, and why to choose Chinstar as your LED rental manufacturer.

What is a rental LED display

The most notable feature of LED rental screens is their high degree of flexibility. Unlike fixed LED displays, rental screens will not be fixed in one place for a long time, but will provide services for a variety of activities, such as music events, exhibitions, commercial product launches, etc. Its design uses a custom die-cast aluminum shell, making the screen cabinet thin and light, allowing for quick installation and removal. It generally appears in the form of rental, so it is called LED rental screen.

Types and requirements:

Indoor rental LED display: Due to the short viewing distance, usually requires small pixel pitch, the brightness is between 500-1000nits, and the protection level reaches IP54.

Outdoor rental LED display: The outdoor installation environment facing more challenges and changes requires stronger protection capabilities, and the general protection level should be IP65. The brightness is relatively high, normally between 4500-5000nits, to prevent sunlight reflection from affecting the viewing effect.

Types and requirements:

Rental LED displays are widely used in stage performances, event productions, product launches, exhibitions, weddings, auditoriums and other event venues, providing a digital, efficient and impressive visual experience for these occasions.

Through LED rental display screens, you not only get advanced technical support, but also experience the perfect combination of flexibility and efficiency, meeting the diverse needs of display screens for different activities. Choose an LED rental display to make your event glow and attract attention.

stage led screen

Features and advantages of LED rental screens

Compared with fixed installation screens, the main difference between LED rental screens is that it requires frequent movement, repeated disassembly and installation. It is mainly used for stage performances and literary and artistic scenes. It pays attention to product appearance design, structural design, and material selection. Therefore, the requirements for products are also higher

  • Wide viewing angle, high contrast, seamless splicing, and high image quality:The LED rental screen has the characteristics of wide viewing angle, high contrast, seamless splicing, and high definition, providing the audience with an excellent visual experience.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, and stable quality:The box size of rental screens generally adopts the standard sizes of 500×500mm and 500×1000mm, and the thickness is only 80mm. The screen is made of ultra-light die-cast aluminum and adopts a customized die-cast aluminum shell. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and has stable quality. It is especially suitable for occasions that require frequent movement and disassembly.
  • Long life:The LED rental screen uses high-quality light-emitting diodes (LED lights). Its aluminum box has good thermal conductivity and can stabilize the ambient temperature, thus extending the service life of the display.
  • Good stability:In large-scale activities such as advertising, performances, parties, etc., the stability of LED rental screens is crucial. By using high-standard materials and improving the control system, we ensure that the LED rental screen maintains excellent performance throughout the entire use process.
  • Quick installation:It has the characteristics of light, thin and fast installation. The connection method is measured by workers’ installation speed, achieving fast and efficient construction and improving usage efficiency.
  • Easy maintenance:Since LED rental screens often need to be disassembled and assembled, the product design fully considers customer needs, reduces damage caused by disassembly, and solves maintainability issues after product damage, ensuring that the product still performs well after multiple uses.
  • High protective performance: Whether indoors or outdoors, LED rental screens have high protective performance, adapt to various complex environments, and meet the needs of different scenarios. The outdoor rental LED screen has an IP65 protection rating, which can withstand potential wind and rain in the outdoor environment.
  • Easy installation and customer innovation:Taking into account the long-term and multiple use characteristics of LED rental screens, we focus on beautiful appearance, light weight, easy portability, and stable quality. At the same time, customers are encouraged to innovate in use to meet the changing market needs.

Price for Rental LED Display

Factors that affect rental costs include modular or mobile rental LED displays, pixel pitch, indoor or outdoor use, labor costs, service hours, etc. LED wall screen rental costs range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on size, configuration, application, etc.

The following are the key factors that affect the cost of LED display rental:

(1) Modular or mobile rental LED display

Generally speaking, the cost of mobile LED displays is low and labor costs are relatively small. 

(2) Pixel pitch

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price and resolution. Choosing the best pixel value requires a cost-effective decision based on actual viewing distance.

(3) Outdoor or indoor use

Outdoor LED displays are usually more expensive than indoor ones because outdoor requirements are higher and require stronger protection and brightness.

(4) Labor costs

Installation complexity, number of LED modules and length of time will affect labor costs.

How to get the most cost-effective rental display screen?

After understanding the factors that determine pricing, here are some suggestions to help you get the most cost-effective LED display rental:

(1) Get the correct pixel spacing

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price. Choosing the appropriate pixel spacing is a financially wise choice, taking into account the viewing distance of your audience.

(2) Shorten the total time of LED screen rental project

Introduce LED screens after the stage, lighting and sound are installed to save time and budget.

(3) Try to avoid peak periods or book in advance

Avoid renting during some major holidays such as New Year, Christmas, and Easter. If you want to rent the display for events held in these holidays, book the display in advance to prevent tight stock.

By understanding these factors, you can better control the cost of your LED display rental and ensure you are maximizing its performance. If you are interested in LED display rental costs, please feel free to leave a message for a detailed quote!


Multiple scene applications of LED rental screens

LED rental screens are widely used in different scenarios to meet the needs of various activities, including indoor and outdoor environments。

Stage rental LED display

LED display screen has become an ideal stage background for various large-scale cultural evening parties, concerts, and music festivals. Its flexibility can display different content according to different program needs, and combined with the lighting and sound system, it can present stunning stage effects.

Political Events led screen

Event production

Event planners are increasingly choosing LED display rentals, which are widely used in large-scale events such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and large-scale job fairs. It can not only display event information, but also play personalized promotional videos, becoming an indispensable part of event production.

Mobile LED screen

Mobile LED screen

Mobile advertising trucks are ideal, especially if you are on a tight budget. Mobile LED display screens are more flexible than modular LED screen rentals and can display event sites in multiple directions, providing a richer experience for events.

Wedding scene

Wedding LED displays are popular, creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere through the LED screen’s color screen and gauze curtains. During the wedding ceremony, the LED screen plays pictures or video content that matches the wedding, adding charm to the wedding scene.

Product release

Today, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, LED displays are widely used in new product launches of major brands. The large screen can perfectly display product details from multiple angles and leave a deep impression with customized videos.

Other application areas

The application fields of LED rental screens are far beyond the above and can be used flexibly in various occasions. Due to its portability, some customers choose to rent LED displays at fixed locations to meet different needs.

How to Control Rental LED Display Board

There are two kinds of control methods including synchronous and asynchronous control systems. The basic structure of LED control system is generally like what the picture shows:

When you choose a LED display using synchronous control system, it means the display will show the real-time content of the computer screen connected to it.

The synchronous control method needs the computer (input terminal) to connect the synchronous sending box, and when the input terminal provides signal, the display will show the content, and when the input terminal stops the display, the screen will stop too.

And when you applying asynchronous system, it doesn’t display the same content that is being played on the computer screen, meaning you may edit the content firstly on the computer and send the content to the receiving card.

Under the asynchronous control method, the contents will be edited by computer or mobile phone firstly and will be sent to the asynchronous LED sender box.

The contents will be stored in the sender box, and the screen can display the contents that have already been stored in the box. This allows the LED displays to show the contents themselves separately.

Moreover, there are some points for you to understand the differences better:

(1) Asynchronous system mainly controls the screen by WIFI/4G, but you also can control the screen through computers too.

(2) One of the most obvious differences lies in the truth that you can’t play the real-time contents by the asynchronous control system.

(3) If the number of total pixels is under 230W, then both of the two control systems can be chosen. But if the number is larger than 230W, it is recommended you can only choose the syn control method.

Typical LED Display Control Systems

After we know the two types of common control methods, now let us get started to figure out several control systems we often apply:

(1) For asynchronous control: Novastar, Huidu, Colorlight, Xixun, and so on.

(2) For synchronous control: Novastar, LINSN, Colorlight, and so on.

Moreover, how to choose the corresponding sending card/receiving card modes for the displays? There is a simple criteria – choose the one based on the loading capacity of the cards and the resolution of the screen.

The above is a brief introduction to the control methods and control systems of rental LED display screens. Please contact us for more details!

How to install LED rental screen

Simplicity and speed are key during the installation process of rental LED displays, as these displays are usually quickly transported to other locations after the event. Professionals will be responsible for installation and routine maintenance to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

Installation Precautions:

  1. Be careful when moving the cabinet: Be careful during the transportation process to avoid bumps on the edges to prevent problems such as the LED lamp beads falling.
  2. Avoid installation while the power is on: Never install the LED box while the power is on to ensure safe operation.
  3. Check the LED screen before powering on: Before powering on the LED screen, use a multimeter to check the LED module to eliminate potential problems.

Common installation methods include:

  1. Suspension method: The screen is suspended from above to an overhead truss system, ceiling grid, crane or other support structure.
  2. Stacking method: The staff places the entire weight of the screen on the ground and supports it at multiple locations to ensure that the screen is stable and solid.

Diverse LED screen installation methods:

  • 90 degree right angle installation: Beautiful appearance, small right angle joints, providing stable and reliable display quality.
  • Arc installation: High-precision arc lock allows easy arc installation, suitable for inner and outer arcs to achieve convex and concave LED screen effects.

  • Hoisting: Suitable for hanging rental LED walls, make sure the size is not too large, connect through the hanging beam and the bottom beam, there is a hanging beam on the top, and a bottom beam on the bottom, use a lifting mechanism to connect, the horizontal box is fastened by a lock.

  • Stage LED screen bracket truss installation: The newly designed stage LED truss system is suitable for ground-fixed LED screens. It is made of high-grade lightweight aluminum and is suitable for cabinets of different sizes. The wheels at the bottom are removable. In addition to flat video walls, Curved LED screens with adjustable legs are also available for rent.
  • Fixed installation: Truss fixed installation is the most common way to rent LED screens indoors and outdoors. First build the steel frame, and then assemble the LED display by stacking it. The quick locking design greatly saves installation time. The LED box can also be installed at the end of the event. Quick disassembly afterwards.

Some customer cases of LED wall rental

Simplicity and speed are key during the installation process of rental LED displays, as these displays are usually quickly transported to other locations after the event. Professionals will be responsible for installation and routine maintenance to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

Why choose Chinastar as your LED display rental manufacturer?

High quality LED parts

We have established close cooperation with suppliers such as Novastar, Kinglight, Nationstar, Colorlight, Meanwell, Macroblock, Mooncell etc. The industry’s first-class raw materials ensure that our products are stable and reliable.

First-class workshop, professional workers

Chinastar has first-class automated production equipment, a set of efficient production lines, and professional workers. Our main engineer team have more than 10 years led industry experience and can offer you ODM&OEM and Projects Install service

Fast delivery and sufficient production capacity

We have mature and efficient production lines that can produce high-quality LED displays with fast delivery, which is very important for LED display rental projects because many projects require timeliness.

FAQs of Rental LED Screen

Determining the costs of an LED screen rental project involves various factors such as specifications, event location, functions, and availability. While rental companies don’t typically list prices online due to these variables, you can get a comprehensive understanding by considering factors like screen specifications, event duration, and additional services.

Common pixel pitches, including P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, and P4.81, are available for LED screens. The suitable pixel pitch depends on factors like viewing distance, budget, and event requirements. Seek professional advice from a reliable LED rental company to make the right choice based on your specific needs.

When calculating the cost of renting an LED screen, consider after-sale services like technical support during the rental term. Choose a reputable company that offers quality service, especially if you’re new to LED displays. Additionally, skilled LED technicians typically handle setup, operation, and tear-down. Rental rates often include sound and power, but extra services like camera feeds or additional installation workers may incur separate charges.

The price for renting a mobile LED screen varies based on factors such as product size, event location, and availability. To receive a customized quote tailored to your event needs, contact us today. We’re ready to discuss your event requirements and explore how we can assist you effectively.

1)2-5 years warranty.
2)Make sure 100% no quality problems before shipping.
3)Provide 1% free main parts of module and power supply, and suggust you buy more parts for long time maintenance,and guide you how to repair.
4)For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend to you or send you a new led screen or refund you the payment.


Using LED rental displays at events is undoubtedly a powerful tool to improve attraction, marketing and interactivity. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to providing professional LED display solutions for your events!

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