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Street Pole LED Display

Street Pole LED Display

With the development of urban intelligence and digitalization, various advanced technologies are introduced into urban infrastructure. As part of urban information release, street light pole LED displays provide an intuitive information transmission platform. Faced with an emergency or public safety issue, a way to deliver information quickly and efficiently is needed. LED display screen can realize instant notification and release of public safety information. At the same time, in urban traffic management, LED displays can be used to display traffic information and navigation guidance to improve traffic efficiency and safety.

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Cabinet Size:800*1600mm
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Smart light pole LED display is a specially designed LED display product that is usually installed together with street light poles. This display is not only beautiful, but also multi-functional and high-performance. Compared with traditional LED displays, smart light pole LED displays are lighter, easier to install, and can be remotely controlled in a variety of ways, including 3G/4G, LAN, WIFI and phone control. This enables users to implement remote centralized updates of programs, improving flexibility and convenience. In practical applications, smart light pole LED displays are widely used in information release, advertising display, information collection, road condition broadcast, traffic guidance and urban lighting.

Why urban construction needs smart light poles?

The main reasons why modern urban construction requires smart light pole LED displays are as follows:

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  1. Information transmission and public services: As an information dissemination medium, smart light pole LED displays can be used to publish city announcements, weather forecasts, emergency notifications and other information. At the same time, it can also provide public services to citizens, such as traffic information, urban event promotion, etc.
  2. Traffic management:Smart light pole LED displays can be used to display traffic information, road conditions and navigation information in real time. Through these displays, cities can manage and guide traffic more effectively, reduce congestion, and improve road traffic efficiency.
  3. Advertising:These displays can serve as a medium for advertising and provide a platform for commercial and cultural events. In this way, cities can attract tourists, enhance their image, and provide advertising opportunities for businesses.
  4. Urban beautification and lighting:Smart light pole LED displays can be designed into beautiful landscape elements for urban beautification. Its lighting function not only provides lighting at night, but can also be adjusted as needed to achieve more energy-saving urban lighting.
  5. Real-time monitoring and security: Smart light pole LED displays integrated with surveillance cameras and sensors can be used to monitor urban security conditions in real time. These devices can help cities detect problems in time, take response measures, and improve the overall safety level of the city.
  6. Environmental protection: Smart light pole LED displays can be combined with environmental monitoring equipment to monitor environmental parameters such as air quality and noise levels in real time. This helps cities carry out environmental protection and improvement measures.
  7. Urban governance and participation: Smart light pole LED displays can be used as tools for urban governance to improve the interaction between the government and citizens. Through these displays, the government can respond to citizens’ concerns in a more timely manner and improve the transparency and participation of urban governance.


Generally speaking, smart light pole LED displays provide multi-functional services for cities by integrating advanced technologies, thereby promoting the development of cities in a smart, sustainable, safe and livable direction.

Characteristics of smart pole LED display

  • Integrated design:The smart light pole LED display adopts an integrated design, combining the LED display with the street light pole to make it more beautiful and more integrated.
  • High brightness: LED display with high brightness can be clearly seen under various environmental conditions, improving the effect of information transmission.
  • Waterproof and dustproof:Considering the outdoor use environment, smart light pole LED displays are usually waterproof and dustproof to ensure normal operation under different weather conditions.
  • Fast installation:Compared with traditional LED large screens, smart light pole LED displays are lighter and faster and easier to install, reducing installation costs and time.
  • Convenient maintenance:The use of integrated design and advanced technology makes maintenance more convenient, and can be maintained from the module level, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Cluster control:Equipped with cluster control function, it can achieve centralized control of multiple smart light pole LED displays through remote methods, such as 3G/4G, LAN, WIFI, telephone, etc., improving management efficiency.

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  • Multi-functional application:It is widely used in information release, advertising display, information collection, road condition broadcast, traffic guidance and urban lighting, etc., providing a variety of services and functions for the city.

What can smart pole LED display achieve?

1. Real-time information release:

City announcements, news, weather forecasts and other information can be released in real time through the smart light pole LED display, providing practical information needed for citizens’ lives.

2. Advertising:

Use LED displays for advertising, providing merchants with an eye-catching platform while creating advertising revenue for the city.

3. Traffic Guidance:

Cooperate with the traffic management system to display real-time traffic conditions and road condition information through the LED display, provide traffic guidance services, and reduce traffic congestion.

4. Security monitoring:

Integrate surveillance cameras to monitor the urban environment in real time and improve the city’s security and public security management levels.

5. Environmental monitoring:

Equipped with environmental sensors to monitor urban air quality, temperature, humidity and other environmental indicators to provide data support for environmental monitoring and improvement.

6. Emergency broadcast:

In emergency situations, such as disasters, emergencies, etc., emergency broadcasts can be issued through the LED display to promptly notify citizens to take corresponding safety measures.

7. Smart city management:

By integrating intelligent systems, remote monitoring and management of various urban facilities can be achieved to improve the efficiency of urban management.

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8.Social interaction:
Use the LED display to set up interactive functions, such as interacting with the LED screen through mobile APP, participating in citizen activities, voting, etc.
9.Energy consumption monitoring:
Integrate energy consumption monitoring system to monitor energy usage in real time and provide data to support urban energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development.
10.Smart landscape:
Use LED displays to create a smart landscape for the city, and enhance the image of the city and its beauty at night through artistic displays and lighting effects.
In summary, smart light pole LED displays provide more intelligent services to the city through digital and networked means, improving the city’s management level and citizens’ quality of life.

Price of smart pole LED display

Compared with traditional LED displays, street smart pole LED displays may be more expensive. The specific influencing factors are as below:

  • Customization requirements:

Street Smart pole LED displays usually need to be customized according to the actual light pole design and urban planning. This customization may lead to increased costs, which may be more expensive than traditional displays.

  • Integrated technology:

Street smart pole LED displays usually integrate more technical elements, such as surveillance cameras, environmental sensors, etc. These additional features may make it more expensive than traditional displays.

  • Protection design:

Smart light pole LED displays need to have strong waterproof and dustproof properties to adapt to complex outdoor environmental conditions. This may require the use of more durable, high-protection materials, affecting the price of the product.

  • Communication methods:

Smart pole LED displays usually need to support multiple communication methods, such as 3G/4G, LAN, WIFI, etc., to achieve remote control and updates. The integration of these communication modules may have some impact on the price.

  • Screen size and resolution:

The screen size and resolution of the smart light pole LED display also have an impact on the price. Larger sizes and higher resolution screens usually increase the cost.

  • Additional functions:

Street smart pole LED displays usually have more additional functions, such as real-time monitoring, data collection, etc. The integration and maintenance of these functions may increase manufacturing and operating costs.

Although the price of street pole LED display is relatively high, it has more functions and adaptability and is suitable for the needs of urban smart construction. Therefore, the difference in price also reflects the special design and technical requirements of the product.

Application of smart pole LED display

street pole advertising led screen
(1)Urban Square: 
Install smart light pole LED displays in urban squares, which can be used to release citizen activity information, advertising, weather forecasts, etc.
(2)Commercial blocks: 
Smart light pole LED displays used in commercial blocks can play commercial advertisements and special promotion information to attract customers.
(3)Intersections and roads: 
As a traffic indication screen for intersections and roads, it provides real-time traffic information, road condition prompts, traffic guidance and other services.
(4)Public transportation stations: 
Installed at bus stations, subway stations and other transportation nodes to provide public transportation information, vehicle arrival time, route information, etc.
(5)Community Square: 
Smart light pole LED displays used in community squares can publish community activities, safety tips, announcements and other information.
street pole advertising led screen
(6)Cultural and entertainment venues: 
In cultural and entertainment venues, sports venues and other places, it is used to publish performance information, competition information, advertisements, etc.
(7)Tourist attractions: 
Smart light pole LED displays installed in tourist attractions can provide services such as navigation information, attraction introductions, and transportation guidance.
(8)Urban green belts: 
Smart light pole LED displays used in urban green belts can realize greening information release, environmental monitoring and other functions.
(9)Government office area: 
On the street side of the government office area, it is used to publish government announcements, urban planning information, social services, etc.
(10)Corporate campus: 
Installed in the corporate campus and used for internal corporate notifications, employee activity information, corporate publicity, etc.
(11)Campus area: 
Smart light pole LED displays used in campus areas can publish campus activities, important notices, course information, etc.
(12)Medical area: 
Set up a display screen on the light pole in the medical area to release medical service information, health education, etc.

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(1) How much temperature can the street pole LED display withstand?

The street pole LED display can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees and is suitable for high-temperature environments such as highways and roadsides. Even when not working, the internal temperature can reach 60 degrees in summer.


(2) What are the differences between street pole LED displays and traditional LED displays?

a. Production cost: higher than traditional LED display production cost.

b. Practicality: It is more practical and requires stricter parameters and quality. Such as brightness, weight, functionality, heat dissipation capabilities, etc.

c. Energy consumption: Generally speaking, LED light pole screens use less electricity and are more energy-saving.

d. Function: Integrate intelligent functions such as data collection and analysis.

e. Required auxiliary equipment: LED light pole screens also need to be equipped with many additional equipment, such as WIFI, audio, automatic brightness adjustment, automatic temperature control, etc.


(3) What are the general standards for street pole LED screens?

Installation height: 3m to 4m.

Screen size: 0.5㎡ to 1.5㎡.

Maximum power consumption: The maximum power consumption per screen can reach 800W, and the average power consumption per screen is 240W.


(4) Why is the pole LED display more expensive than the traditional LED display?

  1. LED light pole screens require more complex production processes, such as multiple times of painting and assembly of accessories.
  2. B. It has a more comprehensive multi-functional system. For example, it usually includes functions such as error positioning, data feedback, brightness adjustment, and monitoring.
  3. Higher requirements are placed on its performance, including higher brightness levels, better protection, resistance to sunlight, and many other smart features.


(5) What equipment should a street pole LED display have?

Photoresistor and temperature-controlled fan: used to automatically manage brightness and temperature, improve safety and save electricity bills

Since almost all street light pole LED displays are installed on highways, the ambient brightness and temperature are variable. To achieve timely and accurate brightness and temperature adjustment, there should be automatic management. For example, when the ambient brightness becomes higher, the screen brightness should also become higher accordingly.

This is where the photoresistor comes into play: when the ambient brightness becomes higher, the resistance decreases, resulting in a brighter screen.


(6) How can street pole LED displays withstand high temperatures?

This is a common question from users: How can street light pole LED displays withstand high temperatures? It is understood that the ambient temperature in summer can reach 40 degrees, and the indoor temperature can even reach 80 degrees! Therefore, many customers will worry about whether the heat dissipation of the monitor is obvious. The street light pole LED display adopts advanced heat dissipation design to ensure that it can still work normally in high temperature environments.


(7) How long is the service life of LED street pole screen?

Due to the low light attenuation, the general service life can reach 10 years.


(8) Whether it supports customization

All our displays support customization. If you have special shapes, sizes or other customization requirements such as packaging logos, please contact us and we will provide you with customized solutions.

8. Conclusion

Through the above article, I believe you have a better understanding of smart light pole screens. If you are interested in light pole LED display or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to providing you with professional LED display solutions!

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