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Chinastar provides the industry’s most comprehensive range of sports LED displays, injecting more colorful elements into sports. Chinastar’s sports LED screen product line achieves a perfect balance between image quality and cost-effectiveness, providing excellent solutions for various sports events.

Chinastar Sport LED Display Product Recommendation

sport stadium led display, Perimeter LED Display

CSSTZ10 Series

  • Module size:320*160mm
  • Rubber module maskRubber module mask
  • Quick lock & fast assembly
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Outdoor Led Display

EA900 Series

  • 400×300 Module Size

  • Front/Rear Maintenance

  • Electric power saving up to 30%
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Outdoor Die Casting Led Panel

EF960 Series

  •  960*960m Cabinet
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Energy saving & Weather-proof

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What sports LED display can bring to you

High-definition LED screens broadcast live games, bringing exciting sports events to the audience while eliminating seating restrictions, making it easier for distant viewers to enjoy the game. Sports LED display creates a real game atmosphere.
The large LED screen installed in the stadium is an ideal commercial advertising platform, bringing perfect picture quality and giving good benefits to advertising. More and more sponsors are recognizing the potential of commercial advertising at sporting events.
By connecting the referee system and the timing and scoring system, the LED display shows the game time and score in real time. The capture of exciting moments and slow-motion playback ensure that the audience will not miss the climax of the athletes, while providing the referee with a basis for correct judgment and maintaining the fairness and justice of the event.

Where Can You Use LED Displays for Sports

Perimeter LED Display, sport led display

Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED Display is an LED display installed at the edge of the stadium to present real-time game information, advertising content and sponsor information. Such displays often wrap around the edges of sports venues, providing spectators with a compelling visual experience. Perimeter LED Display is widely used at sporting events and its key features include high brightness, dynamic content playback and the ability to display advertising and branding. These displays not only enhance spectator participation but also provide event organizers with an effective marketing channel.

LED Scoreboard

LED scoreboard is a scoring display using LED technology. It is widely used in stadiums, sports competitions and other competitive venues to display real-time data such as score, time, team information and so on. This kind of scoreboard has the characteristics of high brightness, clarity and long viewing distance, allowing both spectators and athletes to easily obtain game information. LED scoreboards usually support multiple display modes, including digital display, timer, team logo, etc., which can meet the needs of different competition events. Its ability to update in real time makes it an indispensable device for modern sporting events.

LED Scoreboard, sport led display
LED Fence Display, sport led display

LED Fence Display

LED fence display is a display device widely used in stadiums, sports events and other activities. It is usually installed at the fence or border of a sports venue to display game scores, timings, sponsor advertisements and other information to the audience, enhancing the atmosphere of the scene and providing an effective communication platform for event organizers.

This kind of LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, clarity and visibility, ensuring that viewers can clearly see the displayed content from a distance. LED fence displays usually adopt a modular design and can be combined and installed as needed to adapt to the shapes and sizes of different sites.

E-sport Events

In order to enhance the atmosphere, many e-sports organizers will rent screens to create stage effects. With the application of 4K/8K high-definition technology, display screens will become popular in e-sports events. E-sports LED displays usually have one main screen and multiple secondary screens. This ensures that viewers from all angles can watch comfortably under normal circumstances.

Through high-definition and smooth real-time game screen display, the audience can deeply feel the tension and fierceness of e-sports competitions. The LED screen also provides a platform to display game data, player performance and statistical information, providing viewers with a more comprehensive understanding of the game. Audience interaction takes place through the screen, including real-time voting and comment display, enhancing the interactivity of the arena.

E-sport Events LED display, sport led screen

Chinastar Customer Case

Perimeter Sports LED Display

Why Choose LED Screen From Chinastar

LED displays are widely used for advertising displays around football fields, basketball courts, badminton courts and other sports venues. While watching the exciting game, the advertising message is continuously delivered through repeated playback. This has become a model for the close integration of modern sports and business operations.

In addition, the humanized appearance design of LED displays not only helps ensure the personal safety of athletes, but also plays a positive role in the overall design of sports venues.

一、Perimeter Sports LED Display
二、Features of stadium perimeter LED display
三、Applications of Sport Stadium LED Screens
四、Chinastar Sport Stadium LED Screens Recommend


一、Perimeter Sports LED Display

Perimeter sports LED displays are specialized LED screens strategically placed around sports arenas, especially along the perimeter of playing fields. These displays are designed to provide dynamic and high-resolution content for both spectators in the stadium and viewers watching the event on television.
Perimeter Sports LED Display

二、Features of stadium perimeter LED display

Stadium perimeter LED display has the following main features:
1) Wide range of uses: Suitable for indoor and outdoor stadium peripheral applications, especially suitable for video playback of large-scale sports events, with high refresh rate and smooth image performance.
2) Reasonable safety design: Using designs such as soft masks and pillowcases, it is designed to fully protect the LED screen while ensuring that no harm is caused to athletes or spectators.
Perimeter Sports LED Display
3) 0-90° adjustable support bracket: Different angles can be adjusted through the support bracket to improve the viewer’s visibility. The bracket is strong and flexible, ensuring a stable and beautiful installation.
Perimeter Sports LED Display
4) Sufficient IP65 protection capability: The outdoor LED display reaches the IP65 protection level and is highly durable, able to cope with changing environments, extend its service life, and reduce maintenance and purchase costs.
5) Rubber module mask: The LED display module is equipped with a rubber module mask, which effectively protects the display screen from external impacts and improves human protection capabilities.
Perimeter Sports LED Display
6) Simple and safe installation: Users can assemble the stadium LED boxes by themselves without the need for professional technicians and equipment, which greatly facilitates the installation process.
7) Ultra-light design: Unique box design, adjustable viewing angle, lightweight, easy to transport and install. The viewing angle can be adjusted according to different needs to ensure that all viewers can get a good visual experience.
8) Multiple installation methods: By removing the pillowcase and vertical structure, the LED display cabinet can be used for outdoor billboards. At the same time, it supports boom installation, has flexibility and diversity, and is suitable for different installation and application scenarios.

三、Applications of Sport Stadium LED Screens

  • Perimeter LED Display

Peripheral LED panels are widely used at sporting events, and their key features include high brightness, dynamic content playback, and the ability to display advertising and branding. One of the most important factors of this screen is its high durability to protect the safety of spectators and athletes, as the ergonomic design makes it stable and reliable
  • LED Screen Scoreboard

Digital scoreboards can display scores and advertisements brighter and more energy-efficiently. 
Widely used in stadiums, sports competitions and other competitive venues to display real-time data such as game scores, time, team information, etc.
  • LED Fence Display

It is used to display game scores, timing, sponsor advertisements and other information to the audience to enhance the atmosphere of the scene. It usually adopts a modular design and can be combined and installed as needed to adapt to the shape and size of different venues.
  • Center-hung LED Wall

Mid-hanging LED wall lights are a common type of video display used in NBA games. This kind of screen can be divided into multiple areas to display game information, real-time scores, player introductions, etc.
Operators use advanced control systems for multi-screen segmentation management and content release. This allows them to flexibly adjust the display content during the game to meet different information display needs. Through these powerful LED screens, live audiences and those watching the game on TV can capture every wonderful moment, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

四、Chinastar Sport Stadium LED Screens Recommend

sport stadium led display, Perimeter LED Display
Sport Stadium Perimeter LED Display
* Dual Backup
* High Refresh
*Adjustable bracket
* Protective top cover
*Rubber module mask
* Quick lock & fast assembly
*Independent RCD Protection
* Indicator & One key detection
*Rotating Design for Emergency
*Professional Software PM Player

五、 FAQ

(1) What about the lead time?
LED Module and Parts: 1-7working days
LED Display Panels: 5-20 working days
(2)What about shipping and how long does it take to arrive?
1.Our nearest ports are Shenzhen ,Guangzhou or Hongkong.
2.By Express: 5 – 7 Days / By Air:5 – 10 Days / By Sea: 20 – 40 Days.
3.Delivery to your address directly, and you just wait the items at your door and no need do anything.
(3) How about guarantee and deal with the faulty?
1.2-5 years warranty.
2.Make sure 100% no quality problems before shipping.
3. Provide 1% free main parts of module and power supply, and suggest you buy more parts for long time maintenance, and guide you how to repair.
4.For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend to you or send you a new led screen or refound you the payment.
(4) Whether it supports customization
All our displays support customization. If you have special shapes, sizes or other customization requirements such as packaging logos, please contact us and we will provide you with customized solutions.


LED displays in sports venues play an extensive and important role in various major sports events. As a key facility for game information display and live broadcast, professional LED displays have become an indispensable part of modern sports venues. The Chinastar team provides professional and comprehensive LED display solutions for sports venues. With its rich experience, it can create excellent visualization effects for your sports venues and help create a more engaging event atmosphere! For more information please contact us!

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