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As the demand for unique display methods increases in fields such as advertising, entertainment and art, creative LED displays can meet the diverse needs of different occasions and purposes, becoming an eye-catching marketing tool. The continuous development of LED technology has made LED screens more flexible, high-brightness, high-resolution, and equipped with better color performance capabilities. This opens up more possibilities for creative design.

Chinastar Creative LED Display Product Recommendation

Magic cube led display

Magic LED Display

  • P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm
  • Support WiFi 4G remote control
  • The thickness of the cabinet is only 80mm
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Spherical LED display

Spherical LED display

  • P3mm
  • Point-to-point correcting
  • High quality black body with square module
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Soft Module LED Display

Soft Module LED Display

  • P1.5mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm
  • Ultra-thin and Ultra-flexible
  • Easy assemble and maintain
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What Creative LED Displays Can Do for You

                                                                 Creative LED displays
Creative LED displays bring unique visual effects to various occasions through their flexibility, high definition, bright colors and diverse shapes, creating engaging spaces and experiences.
It can display corporate logos, promote information, and enhance corporate image. At the same time, as part of the urban landscape, it can provide citizens with information, entertainment, and interactive experiences.

Why Choose LED Screen From Chinastar

At present, the demand for creative LED displays in the market is gradually growing. Businesses, brands and advertisers seek more creative and engaging ways to present messages and ads to capture the attention of their target audiences. With its high brightness, high contrast and rich color expression, creative LED displays have become an ideal choice for various occasions, including commercial advertising, event displays, art installations, etc. Its flexible shape and diverse application scenarios have attracted widespread attention in the market, meeting the innovative needs of enterprises and brands in information transmission and brand promotion.


一、What Is Creative LED Display?
二、Application scenarios of creative LED displays
三、What are the types of creative LED displays?
四、Why creative LED displays are more expensive than traditional LED displays?
五、Chinastar Creative LED Display Recommends
六、FAQs of Creative LED Screen

一、What Is Creative LED Display?

Creative LED display is a kind of LED screen with unique design and innovative shape, designed to attract the audience’s attention and provide a unique visual experience. These displays can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and curvatures to suit different occasions.

flexible LED display,led panel, led module

Creative LED displays are often used in commercial advertisements, stage performances, event shows and other occasions. Through their unique appearance design and high-brightness LED technology, they attract attention and achieve the effects of publicity, display and entertainment. Creative LED displays come in various forms, including curved, spherical, special-shaped, etc., bringing greater space for creativity and design.

二、Application scenarios of creative LED displays


1) Shopping malls and retail: Use creative LED displays in shopping malls, department stores, specialty stores, etc. to display product advertisements and promotional information, attract customers’ attention, and enhance the shopping experience.Special-shaped LED displays can be used to design according to the special shape of the shopping mall space to enhance the brand promotion effect.

2) Cinemas and studios:Flexible LED displays can be used as curved screens in cinemas to provide a more shocking viewing experience.

3) Art exhibitions and museums:Use spherical LED displays or Rubik’s Cube LED displays to display in the center or corners of the venue to attract the attention of attendees. Flexible LED displays can also be used to provide an eye-catching display effect according to the curve or curved shape of the booth design.

Magic cube led display

4) Corporate Building:Used on the exterior walls or lobby of corporate headquarters buildings to display corporate logos and promotional information to enhance corporate image.

5) Stage and performing arts performances: As part of the stage design, it is used for concerts, plays, dances and other performing arts performances to create eye-catching visual effects.

6) Exhibitions and conferences:Use creative LED displays in exhibitions and business conferences to display products, provide information, and increase the attractiveness of your booth.

7) City square and landscape design: used in city squares and public spaces as part of the urban landscape to provide citizens with information, entertainment and interactive experiences.

Spherical LED display

8) Hotels and conference centers: Use creative LED displays in hotel lobbies, conference rooms and other places to display welcome messages and conference information to enhance service experience.

9) Entertainment venues:Use spherical LED displays in nightclubs and entertainment venues to create a fashionable and dazzling atmosphere and increase entertainment.

10) Outdoor billboards:Used in outdoor places such as urban streets and highways, using flexible LED screens and customized according to building curves and shapes to improve advertising appeal.

In these scenarios, creative LED displays can provide unique visual effects for different applications through their flexibility, high definition and diverse shapes, attracting the attention of the target audience.

三、What are the types of creative LED displays?


Creative LED displays come in various forms and designs to attract the audience’s attention. Here are some common creative LED display types:

1. Curved LED display:The curved surface design makes the LED display more three-dimensional and attractive, can provide a wider field of view, enable the audience to experience the picture more comprehensively from different angles, enhance the visual effect, and is widely used in cinemas, performing arts Stage, brand display, commercial exhibition and interior design and other fields.

flexible LED display, indoor led screen, led video wall

2. Magic Cube LED display: It consists of multiple modules, each module is usually a rotatable cube. This modular design allows the screens to be spliced and assembled as needed to form displays of various shapes and sizes. The rotatable module of the Magic Cube screen gives the display screen great creativity and can display different patterns, text or animations at different times, increasing the appeal of advertising or art displays.

Magic cube led display

3. Spherical LED display: It is an LED display with a sphere as the basic structure. It is usually divided into hemispherical LED display and spherical LED display. It is used for 360-degree visual display and is common in concerts and large-scale event venues.

Spherical LED display

4. Flexible LED display:It is an LED display made of flexible materials. Compared with traditional rigid LED displays, it has greater flexibility and plasticity, can be bent and rolled, and can adapt to various irregular surfaces, such as cylinders. Body, sphere, etc.

flexible LED display,soft module led display

5. Special-shaped LED display: The screen is designed into various irregular shapes, such as wavy, hexagonal, five-pointed star, etc., providing greater freedom for advertising and artistic creation.

四、Why creative LED displays are more expensive than traditional LED displays?

Compared with traditional LED displays, the main reasons why creative LED displays are more expensive include:

1)Customized design: Creative LED displays usually need to be customized and manufactured according to specific design requirements. This involves more engineering design, process and technology investment. Compared with standardized traditional LED screens, customization often increases costs.

2)Material selection: In order to achieve certain unique shapes, curves or transparent effects, creative LED displays may use more advanced, high-cost flexible materials or special display technologies, which will increase production costs.

3)Engineering complexity: Installing creative LED displays may require more engineering adjustments and professional technical support. Compared with traditional flat installation, some creatively shaped LED screens may require more labor and technical investment.

4)Technical innovation: Creative LED displays usually require more technical innovation to ensure that they can achieve the design requirements. New display technologies and engineering designs may require more R&D and testing, further increasing costs.

5)Market demand and supply and demand: The market for creative LED displays is relatively small, demand is relatively limited, and suppliers need to allocate the costs of producing and selling creative screens to a smaller market share, so the price may be relatively high.

It should be noted that although the price of creative LED displays is higher, they can produce a stronger visual impact in specific application scenarios through unique designs and eye-catching effects, so they are used in some scenes with special needs. , investment in creative LED displays may be considered to have high return potential.

五、 Chinastar Creative LED Display Recommends

Magic cube led display

Magic LED Display      

  • 5mm, P3mm, P4mm
  • Full Color HD
  • Maintenance Convenience
  • WiFi 4G remote control
  • Thethickness of the cabinet is only 80mm.
  • The SMD three-in-one technology with high brightness
  • Can be customized required as any sizes and any pixel pitches
  • LED light wavelength consistency is higher, both horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 120°

Pixel pitch (mm)




Pixel Configuration




Module sizie (mm)




Module resolution




Pixel Density




Cabinet Dimension (mm)


768* 768mm


Cabinet Weight




Cabinet Material

Die-casting Aluminum

Die-casting Aluminum

Die-casting Aluminum

Scanning Mode



1/16 scanning





Max Power Consumption



900 Watt/m2

Avg. Power Consumption



400 Watt/m2

Optimal Viewing Distance



> 4m

Input Voltage

100-240V AC, 50/60HZ



Other pixel pitch (mm)

p1.56 p1.875 p1.9 p2 p4.81 p5 p6

Spherical LED display
Spherical LED display       
  • P3mm
  • Support Synchronous,Asynchronous,Wifi,3G,4G control
  • Special design LED modules ensure seamless assembly
  • Support Synchronous,Asynchronous,Wifi,3G,4G control
  • Hollow Aluminum Structural design reduce the LED Ball weight
  • Flexible module: Flexible,thin and light-weight,(can be customized to size)
  • Convenient maintenance: supportpre-maintenance and post-maintenance
  • LED Ball Diameter 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m ,3.6m, 4m for you for choice
Pixel Pitch3mm
Diameters01-7m (Can Custom)
Standard cabinet sizecustom design
Weight per sqm28 Kg/sqm
Whiteness brightness1500 cd/sqm
Led packageSMD2020
Wave Angle (H)360degree(H)/360degree(M)
Best view distance>=3m
Working voltageAC 220v/380v+/-10%50-60Hz
Power consumption/ m2230W/sqm
Short circuit protectionYes
Refresh3840 Hz
Changing frame frequency60 Hz
Driving methodConstant driving ,1/16 scan
Working EnvironmentIndoor
Working temperature-30-60centigrade
Working Humidity10-95%
Out of control1000(scattered)
lifetime100,000 hours
Soft Module LED Display

Soft Module LED Display        

  • 5mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm
  • Customized effects
  • Flexible and Soft
  • 360 degree view angle
  • IP Rate: IP40/IP20
  • Refresh Rate ( Hz ): >3840
  • Size(LxWxH): 240x120x12mm
  • Input Voltage (AC): 110/220

Pixel Pitch (mm)





Brightness ( nits)





Pixel Configuration






281 triUion

281 triUion

281 triUion

281 triUion

Refresh Rate ( Hz )


> 3840

> 3840

> 3840

Pixel Matrix





Pixel Matrix/m2





Viewing Angle (HN)




1 60/160

Power(Max1 Avg)

660/ 180 w/sq.m

660/ 180 w/sq.m

660/ 180 w/sq.m

660 / 180 w/sq.m

IP Rate





Input Voltage (AC)









Weight (Kgs)


六、FAQs of Creative LED Screen

(1)What about the lead time?
LED Module and Parts: 1-7working days
LED Display Panels: 5-20 working days
(2)What about shipping and how long does it take to arrive?
1.Our nearest ports are Shenzhen ,Guangzhou or Hongkong.
2.By Express: 5 – 7 Days / By Air:5 – 10 Days / By Sea: 20 – 40 Days.
3.Delivery to your address directly, and you just wait the items at your door and no need do anything.
(3) How about guarantee and deal with the faulty?
1.2-5 years warranty.
2.Make sure 100% no quality problems before shipping.
3. Provide 1% free main parts of module and power supply, and suggest you buy more parts for long time maintenance, and guide you how to repair.
4.For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend to you or send you a new led screen or refound you the payment.
(4) Whether it supports customization?
All our displays support customization. If you have special shapes, sizes or other customization requirements such as packaging logos, please contact us and we will provide you with customized solutions.


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