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Sport Perimeter LED Display

football stadium perimeter led screen display

As technology continues to evolve, so do fans’ expectations for attending sporting events. As part of modern sports venues, LED displays around the stadium are designed to enhance the audience’s viewing experience. By displaying game information in real time, high-definition live broadcasts and interactive experiences, LED displays provide audiences with a more engaging viewing environment.

LED displays around the stadium not only provide information for fans, but also provide opportunities for sponsors and advertisers to promote their products and services. LED screens around the stadium can be used for advertising, partner promotions and other commercial cooperation, creating additional commercial value and revenue sources for stadiums.

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This article will explore the characteristics, application areas, buying guide of stadium perimeter LED displays, and why to choose Chinstar as your stadium perimeter LED display

1. What is stadium perimeter LED display?


football stadium perimeter led screen display

LED displays around the stadium usually refer to LED displays installed around stadiums, stadiums or related sports venues. These displays can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Information transmission: Deliver event information, scores, player information, etc. to the audience.

Advertising: Play sponsor’s advertisements between games or at other times to provide business opportunities.

Interactive experiences: Create interactive experiences, such as by showing audience cheers, countdowns, or interactive games.

Event live streaming: Play real-time live broadcasts or replays during games to provide a better visual experience.

These LED displays are usually designed to be high-brightness and high-definition to adapt to outdoor environments and maintain good visibility under different weather conditions. LED displays around the stadium play an important role in improving the audience experience, increasing business opportunities, and improving the overall atmosphere of the venue.

2. Features of stadium perimeter LED display

1.High brightness: LED displays around the stadium usually have high brightness, ensuring that they can be clearly visible even under strong sunlight outdoors or at night.
2.High Definition: Provides high-definition images so that viewers can enjoy clearer and more realistic content.
3.Wide viewing angle: It has a wide viewing angle range to ensure that more viewers can get a good visual experience in different positions.
4.Waterproof and dustproof: Designed to be waterproof and dustproof, it adapts to various climatic conditions and ensures stable operation of the equipment for a long time.
5.Anti-weathering: It has anti-weathering properties and can withstand the test of outdoor harsh weather, ensuring the life and performance of the equipment.
These features make stadium perimeter LED displays an ideal stadium solution, providing excellent viewing experience and visual effects.

3. Price for stadium perimeter LED screen

When purchasing LED displays around the stadium, the price may be affected by many factors. The following aspects should be mainly considered:

Screen size and resolution: Large-size and high-resolution LED displays are usually more expensive because they require more LED modules and advanced technology.

football stadium perimeter led screen display

LED technology and brightness: Different types of LED technology and higher brightness levels can result in higher costs but also provide better displays.

Waterproofing and durability: If the LED display needs to be used outdoors, having good waterproofing and durability will increase the cost.

Custom designs and shapes: Custom designs and special shapes may require more engineering and materials, increasing the overall cost.

Installation and Maintenance: Installation and maintenance costs may vary depending on the ease of the location chosen.

Control Systems: Advanced control systems and software features may result in higher prices.

Manufacturer and brand: LED displays from well-known manufacturers and brands may be more expensive, but usually have better quality and after-sales service.

Quantity and Order Size: Bulk purchases may get better price deals, while smaller orders may be priced higher.

Technical Support and Warranty: Offering more comprehensive technical support and extended warranties may affect the overall price.


When selecting and purchasing an LED display, taking these factors into consideration can help determine the best solution for your budget and needs. If you need the best quote for your project, drop us a message and our professional team will contact you!

4. Multiple scene applications of sport perimeter LED display

LED displays around the stadium are widely used in the following scenarios:

  • Live game playback: Used to display real-time game images, replays of exciting moments, important scores and statistical information to provide viewers with a better viewing experience.
  • Sponsored ads: Used to play sponsors’ advertisements and promotional content, providing exposure opportunities for sponsors and increasing revenue sources.

football stadium perimeter led screen display

  • Audience interaction: Improve audience participation and interactivity by displaying audience interaction, Q&A or seat information.
  • Event promotion:During game breaks or other activity periods, it is used to broadcast relevant event promotions and information inside and outside the stadium to guide audience participation.
  • Instant information release: Used to release instant messages, important notices, safety information, etc. to ensure the safety of audiences and staff.
  • Full-field instant animation:The full-field instant animation is displayed on the LED display to create a more intense game atmosphere and enhance the overall game viewing experience.
  • Ticketing and seat information: Used to display ticketing information, seat distribution map and ticket purchase tips to facilitate viewers to understand and purchase tickets.
  • Special event support: When special events are held at the stadium, such as concerts, celebrations, etc., LED displays can be used to support performances and events.
  • Atmosphere creation: Enhance the atmosphere of the game and enhance audience participation and entertainment through dynamic images, music and lighting effects.
  • Squares and interactive areas: Set up LED displays in the squares and interactive areas of sports venues to provide audiences with more interaction and entertainment options.

These scenarios make stadium peripheral LED displays an indispensable part of modern sports venues, which not only enhances the audience experience, but also provides diverse opportunities for operations and sponsor cooperation.

5.Some customer cases of sport perimeter LED display

football stadium perimeter led screen display

6. Why choose Chinastar as your sport perimeter LED display manufacturer?

High quality LED parts

We have established close cooperation with suppliers such as Novastar, Kinglight, Nationstar, Colorlight, Meanwell, Macroblock, Mooncell etc. The industry’s first-class raw materials ensure that our products are stable and reliable.

First-class workshop, professional workers

Chinastar has first-class automated production equipment, a set of efficient production lines, and professional workers. Our main engineer team have more than 10 years led industry experience and can offer you ODM&OEM and Projects Install service

Fast delivery and sufficient production capacity

We have mature and efficient production lines that can produce high-quality LED displays with fast delivery, which is very important for LED display rental projects because many projects require timeliness.

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7. Conclusion

Chinastar provides high-quality, cost-effective LED displays for sports venues to customers around the world. Our products have helped our customers realize many successful projects, especially those who have high standards of visual performance and quality! For more information and support please drop us a message!

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