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Customized Magic Screen

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With the continuous advancement of technology and people’s pursuit of visual experience, traditional flat LED displays can no longer meet people’s needs for unique and personalized displays. Therefore, customized Rubik’s Cube screen emerged as an innovative form of LED display. 

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The common display screens include: LED cube display, LED spherical screen, LED cylindrical screen.

Magic cube led display

Magic LED Display

  • P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm
  • Support WiFi 4G remote control
  • The thickness of the cabinet is only 80mm
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Spherical LED display

Spherical LED display

  • P3mm
  • Point-to-point correcting
  • High quality black body with square module
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Soft Module LED Display

Soft Module LED Display

  • P1.5mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm
  • Ultra-thin and Ultra-flexible
  • Easy assemble and maintain
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1. What is a Customized Magic Screen

Customized Magic Screen is a highly customized LED display solution designed to meet specific requirements or preferences of a client or project. Unlike standard LED screens, which come in predefined sizes and configurations, customized magic screens offer flexibility in terms of size, shape, resolution, and functionality.

Flexible LED Screen

2. Features and advantages of LED rental screens

Customized Magic screens usually include the following types of screens:


1. LED cube screen: A cubic screen composed of multiple LED display modules that can display images or videos on all sides.


2.  LED spherical screen: The spherical LED display screen can display content in 360 degrees and attract the audience’s attention.


3. Flexible LED display: It is an LED display made of flexible materials. Compared with traditional rigid LED displays, it has greater flexibility and plasticity, can be bent and rolled, and can adapt to various irregular surfaces, such as cylinders. Body, sphere, etc., usually used for landscape, advertising and information display and other occasions.


4. LED cylindrical screen: similar to a cylindrical screen, but in a cylindrical shape, with a wider visual display space.


5. LED multi-sided screen: A multi-sided three-dimensional screen composed of multiple LED displays, which can display different contents at the same time and enhance the visual effect.

These customized Rubik’s Cube screens can be customized and designed according to customer needs and venue characteristics, providing personalized visual display solutions for various activities and occasions.


3. What can a customized Magic screen bring to you?

Customized Magic screens can bring you the following benefits:


1) Creative freedom: Customized Rubik’s Cube screens can be designed according to your needs and creativity, thereby achieving unique visual effects and attracting more attention.
2) Personalized customization: You can customize the size, shape, resolution and other parameters of the screen according to the characteristics and usage needs of the venue to achieve the best visual effect.
3) Enhance your brand image: Customized Rubik’s Cube screens can be customized according to your brand logo and promotional content to enhance your brand image and attract more customers.
Powerful functionality: Customized Rubik’s Cube screens can integrate a variety of functions, such as touch screens, interactive functions, real-time data display, etc., to meet the needs of different scenarios.
Efficient solutions: Customized Rubik’s Cube screens are designed and manufactured by a professional team to ensure high quality, stability and reliability, and provide you with efficient solutions



4. Customized design of Customized Magic Screen


The customized design of Customized Magic Screen is one of its outstanding features, which is specifically reflected in the following aspects:

1. Size and shape: Customized Magic Screen can customize screens of different sizes and shapes according to customer needs, including rectangular, square, round, curved, etc. Customers can choose the most suitable screen shape and size according to the characteristics of the venue and the purpose of the display.

2. Resolution and pixel density: Based on customer application requirements, Custom Magic Screen can provide screens with different resolutions and pixel densities to achieve higher display clarity and image quality. Customers can choose the appropriate resolution and pixel density according to the requirements of the displayed content and the viewing distance of the audience.

3. Brightness and color performance: Customized Magic Screen can adjust the brightness and color performance of the screen according to customer requirements to meet display needs in different environments. Customers can choose the appropriate brightness and color configuration according to the lighting conditions of the indoor or outdoor use environment and the characteristics of the display content.

4. Interactive functions: Customized magic screens can integrate various interactive functions, including touch screen, gesture recognition, voice recognition, etc., to achieve a richer user experience and interactive effects. Customers can choose appropriate interactive functions based on the characteristics and purpose of the displayed content to enhance user participation and experience.

5. Appearance design: The appearance design of the customized magic screen can be customized according to the customer’s brand image and the characteristics of the display scene, including shell material, color, shape, etc. Customers can choose a personalized appearance design to make the screen more suitable for the display scene and enhance the brand image and visual effect.

5. Application scenarios of Customized Magic Screen

sphere led display

Commercial advertising and display

Customized magic screens can be used for commercial billboards, exhibition displays, product promotions and other occasions. Its highly customized design can be customized according to customer needs and site conditions, attracting more attention and enhancing brand image and product sales.

sphere led screen

Activities and Activities

Customized magic screens can be used for various events and activities, such as exhibitions, conferences, shows, concerts, etc. Through customized design and colorful display effects, customized magic screens can create a unique visual atmosphere for the event site, making the event more attractive and interesting.

magic led display for event stage

Entertainment and entertainment

Customized magic screens can be used in entertainment venues and entertainment activities, such as nightclubs, bars, KTV, etc. Through customized design and colorful display effects, customized magic screens can create a unique atmosphere and atmosphere for entertainment venues, attract more customers, and enhance the consumer experience.

flexible led screen

Indoor and outdoor decoration

Customized magic screens can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, such as business centers, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and other places. Through customized design and colorful display effects, customized magic screens can add highlights and personality to the decorative environment, improving the decorative effect and space atmosphere.

Cylindrical LED display

Culture and Art

Customized magic screens can be used for cultural and artistic activities, such as art exhibitions, cultural festivals, cityscapes, etc. Through customized design and colorful display effects, customized magic screens can provide a unique display platform for cultural and artistic activities, display artistic works and cultural content, and enrich people’s cultural life.

6. Why creative LED displays are more expensive than traditional LED displays?

Compared with traditional LED displays, the main reasons why creative LED displays are more expensive include:

1)Customized design: Creative LED displays usually need to be customized and manufactured according to specific design requirements. This involves more engineering design, process and technology investment. Compared with standardized traditional LED screens, customization often increases costs.

2)Material selection: In order to achieve certain unique shapes, curves or transparent effects, creative LED displays may use more advanced, high-cost flexible materials or special display technologies, which will increase production costs.

3)Engineering complexity: Installing creative LED displays may require more engineering adjustments and professional technical support. Compared with traditional flat installation, some creatively shaped LED screens may require more labor and technical investment.

4)Technical innovation: Creative LED displays usually require more technical innovation to ensure that they can achieve the design requirements. New display technologies and engineering designs may require more R&D and testing, further increasing costs.

5)Market demand and supply and demand: The market for creative LED displays is relatively small, demand is relatively limited, and suppliers need to allocate the costs of producing and selling creative screens to a smaller market share, so the price may be relatively high.

It should be noted that although the price of creative LED displays is higher, they can produce a stronger visual impact in specific application scenarios through unique designs and eye-catching effects, so they are used in some scenes with special needs. , investment in creative LED displays may be considered to have high return potential.

7. Conclusion

Customized Magic screens are creative LED display solutions designed to meet customers’ individual needs. Whether it is commercial activities, product display or special scene requirements, customized Magic screens can provide you with distinctive visual effects, attract attention and show your personality.

Based on innovative design and high-quality manufacturing, we are committed to creating unique and eye-catching LED display solutions for our customers, helping you stand out in various occasions. Welcome to contact us and let us work together to create a customized magic screen to make your imagination a reality!

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