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Leveraging LED displays in churches enhances communication of announcements and activities, fostering a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. It inspires emotional responses and encourages greater participation among congregation members during ceremonies.

Chinastar Indoor LED Display Product Recommendation

Die-casting Aluminum 960*960mm Video Wall Indoor Led Screen

HA960 Series

  • P2.5 P3.33 P4 P5
  • Front Maintenance
  • Die cast aluminum cabinet
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HM480 Series

  • 2K/4K High Definition
  • 3 to 5 Years Warranty
  • P1.379 P1.538 P1.667 P1.839 P1.88 P2
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indoor led screen, led screen panel, indoor led display

HD600 Series

  • Ultra-thin Cabinet
  • 600mm x 337.5mm x 22mm
  • P0.9375, P1.25, P1.56, P1.87
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How to Use LED Displays in Churches?

There are many using scenarios of church LED display, include:
1)Announcements and event notifications: LED displays can be used to publish announcements and event information in the church to improve the effect of information transmission.
2)Liturgy: In worship services, LED displays can be used to display scriptures, lyrics, teachings and other content to provide congregants with a richer ritual experience.
3)Events and special scenes: In churches for special events, weddings, celebrations and other occasions, LED displays can be used to present relevant content and enhance the atmosphere of the event.
4)Digital sermons: Pastors can use LED displays to conduct digital sermons, conveying doctrines more vividly through images and text.
5)Interactive experience: Church LED displays can also be used to interact with congregants, such as displaying prayer requests, responding to audience questions, etc., to enhance the sense of participation in the church.
Through these applications, LED displays provide churches with more flexible and diverse means of communication and interaction, improving the modern experience of the church.

Application of Church LED Display

indoor led screen, church led screen, indoor led display

Indoor church LED wall

Through the introduction of images, texts and videos, LED displays make every sermon, hymn, scripture and image vivid and profound.

By integrating multimedia elements, the church creates an unforgettable worship atmosphere that deeply engages all participants in their faith journey.

Chinastar LED provides customized indoor church displays, such as P2.5 LED displays! Our proven solutions meet your needs in all aspects.

Stage LED display

The stage LED display has an excellent visual experience. The stage screen presents clear videos and images, creating an engaging atmosphere.

The modular design supports quick assembly and disassembly, saving time, effort and budget! Easy to install and maintain

This allows the screen to be easily disassembled and moved to different venues, making it suitable for church outreach, community events and more.

indoor led screen, church led video wall, indoor led display

Chinastar Customer Case

indoor led screen, church led video wall, indoor led display
indoor led screen, church led video wall, indoor led display
indoor led screen, church led video wall, indoor led display
indoor led video wall, church led screen, indoor led display
indoor led screen, church led video wall, indoor led display
indoor led screen, church led video wall, indoor led display
indoor led video wall, church led screen, indoor led display
indoor led video wall, church led screen, indoor led display

Why Choose LED Screen From Chinastar

一、What is A Church LED Screen?

indoor led video wall, church led screen, indoor led display
Church LED display refers to the LED display or LED screen installed and used inside the church. These displays are often used to convey information in religious ceremonies, displaying scriptures, lyrics, images, and more to provide a more vivid and engaging religious experience.
The church LED display provides visual appeal to the audience in the church and enhances the atmosphere of the ceremony through its characteristics of high brightness, clarity and viewing angle. The application of this technology aims to incorporate modern technology to make church activities more interactive and participatory.

二、Features of Church Video Wall 

Church LED display has the following characteristics:
High brightness: Church LED displays usually have high brightness, ensuring that the content is clearly visible under different lighting conditions, making it suitable for various environments within the church.
Clarity: Provides a high-definition display that makes text, images, and video content more vivid and eye-catching.
indoor led video wall, church led screen, indoor led display
Viewing angle: It has a wide viewing angle, ensuring that all areas in the church can clearly see the content on the display.
Interactivity: Some advanced church LED displays support interactive functions and can interact with the audience, such as displaying messages from participants or projecting interactive content in real time.
Multifunctional use: Used to display scriptures, lyrics, images in religious ceremonies, and to convey information about church activities, announcements, etc.
Atmosphere creation: Create a more engaging atmosphere for church ceremonies and inspire believers’ religious experience by presenting exquisite visual effects.
Remote transmission: Some church LED displays support remote transmission, which can easily update and manage display content.
These characteristics make church LED displays an indispensable technical tool in modern churches, improving the experience and interactivity of religious ceremonies.

三、Chinastar LED Display Solution

Church LED displays are mostly wall-mounted and fixedly installed, and sometimes rental LED displays are suspended. Since the venue is usually indoors, the recommended pixel pitch can be P2.5mm, etc.
There are two main ways to assemble a display screen: using an LED display box or an LED display module.
The installation of the LED display cabinet is simple and quick, and is suitable for customers who are not familiar with how to make LED displays. The cost of LED display modules will be lower, but the requirements for LED display production experience and labor resources are higher.

1.OEM cabinet

(1) Modules of different sizes can be combined together to make custom-sized LED boxes.
(2) Customers need to control through different receiving cards and confirm with us in advance.
(3) Simple structures can be built to improve heat dissipation
  • OEM sizes available;
  • LED display screens using OEM cabinets are relatively simple to assemble and are suitable for customers who do not have professional production conditions.
  • OEM cabinets are usually stronger and suitable for long-term fixed installations.
  • Not suitable for some high-definition LED screens with pixel pitch lower than P2.5 or P2;
  • The back is not pretty, but for a wall-mounted screen, this feature is acceptable.
  • Compared with LED modules, the manufacturing cost of OEM cabinets is higher.

2.LED module

(1) Customers purchase LED display modules and assemble them according to the drawings we provide. The drawings describe the connection of signal lines and power lines.
(2) Adjustable magnets are available to easily adjust the flatness of the LED panel.
  • Lower cost: The manufacturing cost of LED modules is relatively low, making it suitable for projects with budget constraints.
  • More flexible installation: The module design is more flexible and can be combined into screens of different sizes as needed to adapt to various installation situations.
  • More lightweight: Since the module is smaller, it is easier to carry and transport.
  • Customers need to have sufficient assembly experience;
  • The LED cabinet supports seamless splicing, but it may be difficult for the LED module to achieve this.

3. Recommended Products

indoor led screen, led screen panel, indoor led display

HD600 Series

  • 600mm x 337.5mm x 22mm Golden ratio 16:9 & Ultra-thin Cabinet;
  • Pixel Pitch: 9375mm, 1.25mm, 1.56mm, 1.87mm
  • 20000:1 High Contrast,enhancing the picture details, and restoring the natural color;
  • 8K,4K,2K Ultra High Definition LED Display;
  • 22bit High Gray Scale: Using HDR Technology, Videos More Colorful,More Exquisite,More Real;
  • 50% Energy Saving,High Consistency,and Good Heat Dissipation:Inversion Chip Technology.

CSUDIP1.8 Series Specification

Pixel Pitch(mm)





LED Type

Flip Chip COB Common–Cathode

Pixel Density(pixles/m )






500-1200 cd/㎡






Refresh Rate (Hz)


Cabinet Resolution (W*H)





Cabinet Size (mm)

Die casting aluminum cabinet 600 x 337.5 x 32.5mm

Module Size (mm)


Weight (Ib/cabinet)


Maintenance method


Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle



Gray Scale


Colour Temp


Contrast Ratio


Input Signal


dot by dot color calibration


brightness calibration


Module power supply voltage DC


Max Power Consumption(W/m )


Avg. Power consumption(W/m )


1)Ultra-thin Cabinet,Only 22mm thick, the whole cabinet is made of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy material, very light and practical

2)HUB Design, no mussy cables.

3)Totally front service design. Saving space and maintenance cost

4)The GOB packaging technology uses transparent materials with super high transparency and super thermal conductivity to form an effective protection for the substrate and its LEDs . The small spacing processed by GOB technology is moisture-proof waterproof, dust-proof, anti-impact, anti-UV, and can adapt to any harsh environment.


HM480 Series

  • 2K/4KHigh Definition LED Display
  • Ultra-thin die-casting aluminum cabinet design
  • Small pixel pitch: P1.379 P1.538 P1.667 P1.839 P1.88 P2
  • Seamlessand super wide viewing angle
  • Light weight, flexible splicing and low maintenance costs
  • 3 to 5 Years Warranty

THD1.8 Series Specification

model NO


p1.538 p1.667




Pixel Pitch

1 .379mm

1 .538mm

1, 667mm

1. .839mm

1 .88mm


Pixel Configuration







Modu ile Resolution

232*11 6dots 208*104dots 192*96dots



1 60*80dots

Modue Size

320*1 60mm

Cabinet Size


Pixel Density


422500dots/360000dots/m2 295664dots/m 282227dots/m2 250000dots/m2

Cabinet Material Die cast aluminu m

Power Consumption(/

150W/m2 ,500W/mz


2 1000cd/m



2 1000cd/m?

z 1000cd/m?

z 1200cd/m?

Drive Mode



1/64 scan




View Angle(H/N )


Best Viewing Distance1.7 _5m






Fresh rate

2 3840HZ

Gray scale


lnput Voltage

AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz

Defects Rate



>10,000 hours

Life span

2100,000 hours

Protective Grade



-20C~ +60C



Widely used for indoor HD LED application easy to match 2K/4K, with all unique features of die-casting aluminum cabinet design and small pixel pitch display’s advantages. Light weight, flexible splicing and low maintenance costs are countless advantages of it.

Die-casting Aluminum 960*960mm Video Wall Indoor Led Screen

HA960 Series

  • Pixel pitch:P2.5 P3.33 P4 P5
  • Die cast aluminum cabinet
  • Front Maintenance Saving Space
  • Hand shanks on each side for easy lifting and installation of the cabinets

CSOEI2.5 Series Specification

Model NO


p3.33 p4


Pixel Pitch





Pixel Configuration





Modu le Resol Jtion





Modu dle Size


Cabinet Size


Pixel Density

1 59990dots/m2




Cabinet Material Die cast alu minum

Power Consumption(/260/780W/m?






Drive Mode



1/20 scan


View Angle(HN )


Best Viewing Distance3.13_8.33m



6.25-16. 67m

Fresh rate


Gray scale


Input Voltage

AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz

Defects Rate



>10,000 hours

Life span

2100,000 hours

Protective Grade


Temperature. -operating -20C~ +60



1)High accuracy cabinet connection possesses independent intellectual property right. The connection tolerance between modules is only 0.1mm, the high surface flatness of the display still can be guaranteed;
2)Hand shanks on each side for easy lifting and installation of the cabinets;
3)Support a series of detection functions, for example detection of cables failure, detection whether the door of cabinets closed or not, fans’ speed monitoring, three-way voltage monitoring and temperature monitoring etc;
4)Large viewing angle, SMD technology is used, get higher flatness and larger viewing angle. Invisible in most corners;
5)High resolutions enables clear pictures and videos even in short distance;
6)With multi-functions design, suitable for fixed rental and perimeter installations.

四、Why You Need LED Display Screen for Church?

1.Information transmission: LED displays can display text, images and video content clearly and vividly, and are used to convey scriptures, lyrics, and other information and announcements in religious ceremonies.
2.Interactivity: Some church LED displays support interactive functions and can interact with the audience, such as displaying messages from participants, Q&A sessions or real-time projection of interactive content.
3.Atmosphere creation: By presenting high-brightness, clear and colorful visual effects, LED displays help create a more engaging religious ceremony atmosphere and inspire believers’ religious experience.
4.Announcements and events: Church LED displays can be used to publish church events, announcements, charity information, etc., to remind church members to participate and understand the latest developments in the church.
5.Guidance ceremony: In large-scale ceremonies, LED displays can be used to guide believers to participate in the ceremony, display scriptures, music lyrics, etc., to help people better participate in religious activities.
indoor led video wall, church led screen, indoor led display
6.Modern technology: The LED display screen used in the church reflects the use of modern technology, attracts a new generation of believers, and enhances the image of the church.
Taken together, LED displays play an important role in improving internal communication, information transmission and ritual experience in churches.

五、 FAQ of Church LED Display


(1) How do I determine what screen size is suitable for my church?

This depends on the space of the church, its architectural structure, and your ideal parameters.
Just tell us your needs and we will provide you with satisfactory suggestions.

(2) How much pixel spacing do I need?

The closer the viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pitch. Therefore, pixel pitch depends heavily on the viewer’s distance from the screen.
Church LED screens are usually used indoors. Common pixel pitches include P1.25, P1.86, P2.5, P2.604, P3.91, etc.
For outdoor LED screens, common pixel pitches include P3.91, P4, P5, P4.81, P6.67, and P10.
P2.5 is the most popular pixel pitch because its price is much lower than high-definition LED displays (point pitch ≤ P2), but its resolution is higher than ordinary indoor LED displays.

(3) How much does a church LED display cost?

The price of church LED display is affected by many factors. These include:
1)Screen size: The size of the LED display is a key factor affecting the price. Larger screen sizes are generally more expensive.
2)Pixel density: The higher the pixel density, the clearer the display, but it also increases the cost. Smaller pixel pitch usually results in a higher price.
3)Display Technology: Different LED display technologies, such as SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED and DIP (Double Layer Integrated Circuit) LED, vary in cost and performance.
4)Brightness and Contrast: Higher brightness and contrast usually result in better visual effects, but may also increase costs.
5)Protection level: Screens that require outdoor LED displays or need to be waterproof, dustproof, etc. may be more expensive.
6)Color Performance: Certain projects may require a wider color gamut or more accurate color reproduction, which may affect the price of the LED display.
7)Installation and Maintenance Requirements: Complex installation requirements or screens that require advanced maintenance may involve higher costs.
8)Custom Requirements: If the project has custom special requirements, such as non-standard shapes or special features, additional costs may be required.
9)Quantity and purchasing channels: Buying in bulk usually results in better prices. The source of purchase may also affect the price, and it may be more economical to buy directly from the manufacturer.
You can send us your specific needs and our professional team will provide you with detailed quotations and suggestions!


Chinastar provides you with high-quality church LED display solutions! Want more information or contact us for free samples or discounts? Need reasonable prices, professional technical support and after-sales service? Fill out the simple form and your needs will be met!

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