CSSTZ10 Series

* Dual Backup

*Adjustable bracket

* Protective top cover

* Rubber module mask

* Quick lock & fast assembly

* Independent RCD Protection

* Indicator & One key detection

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The Stadium Perimeter LED Display are large screens, install around or in stadiums, and usually used to broadcast live games, replays, sponsor advertisements and other content.

These screens are high-brightness, high-definition and weather-resistant, providing viewers with a more stunning and immersive viewing experience.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display


1)Bright colors, high contrast, and consistent performance, even under sunlight.

2)Precision CNC processing ensures flatness <0.2mm, with convenient steel structure installation.

3)Energy-saving design with red LEDs at 3.2V and blue/green LEDs at 3.8V.

4)PFC high-efficiency power supply for sustainable operation.

Sport LED Display

Polymer soft cover to prevent collision injuries

This stadium perimeter LED display use designs such as soft masks and pillowcases, then it could fully protect the LED screen while ensuring that no harm is caused to athletes or spectators.

Polymer soft cover


Fast installation

Two easy locks on the top and two on the side.

Additionally, there is a positioning pin on the top, which allows installation using a connector.

Fast installation

Elevation angle adjustable

Users can adjust the angle of the stadium perimeter LED display freely to achieve a perfect visual experience.

Elevation angle adjustable



High quality cotton on top to reduce impact

High quality cotton on top to reduce impact


High brightness models

Using high-brightness outdoor power supplies the display can compete with direct sunlight exposure at peak times of the day.

Stadium Perimeter LED Screen

Easy Installation

Once properly connected, it can be easily installed and removed by one person without the need for additional tools.

Automatic backup system

Both power and signal are backup, continue working when any failure

Automatic backup system

Chinastar perimeter displays could utilize two computers to ensure interruption-free display of images and videos.

For instance, if one unit was to turn off due to technical issues,the other unit will automatically act as a backup solution fiber connection.

Automatic backup system

As for the modular system can cover any length, depending on the sport and your needs. You can install it on one or both sides of the stadium/arena to broadcast the advertising of your sponsors and advertisers, as the most prestigious stadiums in the world have been doing for some time. Besides, Because they are modular, they can be installed on the long sides of any length of sports field or sports gate.



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