P4, P5, P6.67, P8, P10

Adhesive installation

High transparency > 85%

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FSG4/5/6/8/10 transparent glass led screen

Chinastar LED transparent screen boasts high transparency, brightness, and definition.

It is also lightweight, portable, durable, and stable, making it ideal for various applications.

Additionally, it can project images into the environment behind it, creating stunning visual effects.

transparent glass led screen

The Advantage

Compared with traditional LED displays, LED film transparent screens do not occupy space.

They can be effortlessly installed on windows, walls, or any transparent surface, offering a novel display method for commercial and product showcases.

transparent glass led screen


Ultra-high light transmittance

Our transparent glass led screens have 80% high penetration rate, clear and thorough, and can display the picture perfectly

transparent led film


1 pcs transparent led display cabinet is only 3kg, it is lightweight and white leds cabinet with curtain

ultra thin transparent led display

Can be flexible

Our transparent glass LED screen can bend, suitable for some curved glass window locations.

pantalla led transparent


Adhesive installation

Adhesive installation, then it will save the installation cost and labor.

led transparent


Posting information is simple and convenient

Connect to a computer through a data cable connection or wireless communication, and set up in the computer to publish advertising content, conveniently and quickly.

Additionally, the LED film transparent screen utilizes lightweight materials, resulting in a light overall weight, facilitating easy transportation and installation processes.


Space saving, ultra-lightweight

Its light and flexible design structure allows it to be easily attached to glass or transparent surfaces without occupying additional space.

It is suitable for various narrow places or environments that require maintaining transparency.


led transparent screen display

Support any shape cropping

In general, the edges of LED film transparent screens can be cut according to the actual scene to adapt to different installation needs and space constraints.

indoor transparent led display

adhesive transparent led screen

transparent screen led p2



Pixel PitchH 4mm V8mm5mm6.67mm
WeightPanel:3Kgs / Screen: 10Kgs/m2
Consumption760 / 220 w /Sqm
Brightness4500 Nit
Refresh rate>3840
Protect gradeIP43


Transparent Product

transparent led film for glass



4500 Nit Brightness

960mmx320mm Panel

transparent led film for glass



4500 Nit Brightness

960mmx320mm Cabinet


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