Cabinet Size:800*1600mm

HD Full Color Outdoor Waterproof

Cabinet Material:Aluminium/Steel

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Full Color street Lighting Pole LED Screen

Pole support LED billboard specially designed for street lamps.

The cabinet shape is unique, novel, and beautiful, and it can integrate well with the pole.

The cabinet is designed with reinforced iron hoops for added safety and security.

street pole advertising led screen

The LED smart light pole screens can be widely used in urban arterial roads, pedestrian streets, subway entrances, airports, stations, shopping malls, communities, scenic spots and other areas.

street pole advertising led screen


Intelligent management to achieve remote control

Street Light Pole LED Display With Remote mass control: 3G/4G control without distance limit, massive LED display control synchronously

led pole screen

Free WiFi

People nearby LED display search its WiFi,identify and log in, then surf on the internet freely

led pole screen



Easy Maintenance

The street light pole led display could control fault data in real time point-to- point maintenance




Our LED display boasts HD picture quality and a high refresh rate, ensuring smooth visuals.
It supports both front and back service, making maintenance a breeze, while its IP65 rating ensures stable broadcasting in any weather condition.
With wireless content updates, you can easily manage video, graphic, and text displays.
Plus, our cluster control system enables seamless connectivity, and standard module splicing allows for customizable sizes.
What’s more, it’s IP65 waterproof with active heat dissipation, making it ideal for outdoor use.

pole led screen solar panel


Advertising street light screen

The thickened cast iron box ensures durability and stability, while boasting an IP65 rainproof rating for outdoor use.
Combined with high brightness for enhanced visibility, it delivers superior display effects.
Moreover, its easy installation and customizable module/box styles make it adaptable to various needs.
With good quality, low price, and a long lifespan, it’s a reliable choice for outdoor applications.

pole led screen

Multiple installation methods

street pole advertising led screen



Pixel pitchP2.5P3.072P4P5
LED module size200*200mm200*200mm200*200mm320*160mm
cabinet size800*1600mm960*1600mm
Ingress protrctionIP65IP65IP65IP65
Viewing angle>140>140>140>140
refresh rate1920~3840Hz/s1920~3840Hz/s1920~3840Hz/s1920~3840Hz/s
resolution ratio245760 dots162240 dots96000 dots61440 dots
Cabinet MaterailAluminium/Stell
Woring temperature-20°C~+65°C


Lighting Pole LED Screen

street pole advertising led screen


245760 dots/㎡

800*1600mm Cabinet

200*200mm Module

street pole advertising led screen


162240 dots/㎡

800*1600mm Cabinet

200*200mm Module

street pole advertising led screen


96000 dots/㎡

800*1600mm Cabinet

200*200mm Module

street pole advertising led screen


61440 dots/㎡

960*1600mm Cabinet

320*160mm Module


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