Refresh Rate: ≥1920HZ

Driving IC: ICN 2037

Pixel density: 65536 dot/m2

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LM-P3.91 LED Module

High-quality LED modules for indoor outdoor LED display!

P3.91mm led display module 240mmx240mm Best Color Uniformity High Refresh Rate 65536dots Pixel SMD LED screen Panel.

3.91mm LED Module


LED Module Including the Data & Power Cables.

2-5 Years Warranty, Ship in 24 hours,Free Online Support.

LED Module Can Work With Linsn,Novastar,Colorlight,Xixun LED Conrol Card Etc.

P3.91 LED Module


Table Stick

Triad SMT technology, using high quality raw material processing,showing effect is much better.

LED Module Pixel



Convenient installation,also can prevent row needles wrecking in the transport process.

led module fence


More stable and convenient fast and rational design, durable and more convenient.

LED Module Terminal

LED Display Module Aging & Testing

The aging test of the LED module refers to running the LED module for a long time to simulate actual use conditions to detect its performance and stability.

Typically, LED modules are run continuously for hours or days, or even longer. So that to ensure that the performance and brightness of the LEDs do not degrade after prolonged use.

During the aging test, we monitor the brightness, color fidelity, uniformity, and other parameters of the LED, evaluating the quality and reliability of the LED module based on the test results.

LED Display Module Aging & Testing

The aging of LED display is divided into white balance aging (2×24 hours) and video aging (24 hours). Totally 72 hours before packing.

Aging test process of led display screen:

1) Check the led display module to install all correct.

2) whether there is a short circuit or not.

3) Check whether the module is flat and neat.

4) Check whether the appearance is intact or not.

5) Use the online led control system to light up.

After the aging test,, we conduct parameter inspections in the quality control group, including white balance, red, green, blue, grayscale gradient, video effects and text effects, etc.
After 72 hours of aging testing, we will promptly report any problems and contact the engineering department, then to replace or repair the damaged LEDs.
Before packaging, we ensure that all components can operate stably to ensure product quality and reliability.


Viewing AngleHorizontal 160 deg. Vertical 160 deg.
Best viewing distance3-45m
refresh rate≥1920HZ
Pixel configurationSMD 2121
Driving device2037 IC
Operating Temperature-25~ +60° C
Luminance regulationAutomatic/manual
Operating Humidity10%-90%
Control way3G/4G
Blind spot rate<0.0002
Average time free time>10000/hours



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