Pixel Pitch: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

Size(LxWxH): 240x120x12mm

IP Rate: IP40/IP20

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HFC320 flexible led module

soft led module is super thin, very light weight and most flexible to design shapes, effects, in any types, arc in any angles.

1. With repeating curving, it won’t break LEDs as well design of mask covers.

2. Module with small-unit and flexible design,makes possiblity of more complicated shapes for the video show.

3. Magnet connection,easy to assemble & disassemble,it is frontal service maintenance.

4. No cabinet metal frame,drastically deducting the screen weight.we can design any shape of structure as you need.

5. Widely applied in shaped stage background/exhibition/shopping mall etc.


flexible led screen



Adopting special material and advanced technology super thin and light, weight of each module is just 170g

flexible led module



Flexible, thin and light-weight, suitable for different degree bending effects

It’s available for customized design, such like rolling bending and swing, based on customer’s demands

flexible led display module


Reducing weight of LED display and cost, can be any shape design as customer required.

soft curved circular led displays 320*160mm flexible led modules


Soft led display Panel Application

Widely applied in shaped design, such like rolling, bending and swing. Cylinder-shape,S-shape,wave-shape,Book, Tree and Other Creative Shape, based on customer’s demands.

                                                                                                 flexible led display screenflexible led tv screen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                flexible led screen led flexible screen

Pixel Pitch (mm)
Brightness ( nits)8009001100900
Pixel ConfigurationSMD1010SMD1515SMD2020SMD2020
Colors281 triUion281 triUion281 triUion281 triUion
Refresh Rate ( Hz )>3840>3840>3840>3840
Pixel Matrix160×80120×6096×4880×40
Pixel Matrix/m2444444.45250000160000160000
Viewing Angle (H/V)160/160160/160160/160160/160
Power(Max / Avg)660 / 180 w/sq.m660 / 180 w/sq.m660 / 180 w/sq.m660 / 180 w/sq.m
IP RateIP40/IP20IP40/IP20IP40/IP20IP40/IP20
Input Voltage (AC)110/220110/220110/220110/220
Weight (Kgs)380G


Flexible Module

led flexible display screen



800 nits Brightness

444444.45 pixles/㎡

led flexible display screen



900 nits Brightness

250000 pixles/㎡

led flexible display screen



1100 nits Brightness

160000 pixles/㎡

led flexible display screen



900 nits Brightness

160000 pixles/㎡


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