P2.6 3.9 Series

P2.6 P3.9


High strength die-cast aluminum


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p2.6 3.9 Series Rental LED Screen

Chinastar LED p2.6 3.9 series use high-strength die-cast aluminum and has high-definition visual performance, and it is the best choice for stage rental.

It has good heat dissipation to save energy and maintain display stability.

Besides, the power box of this series is removable and the module is front access.

rental led screen

Two LED Cabinet Size Optional

LED cabinet can be mixed splicing as your needs.
500*500mm and 500*1000mm LED cabinets can be easily spliced up and own, greatly meeting customer needs of different assembling.

500x1000mm led screen500x500mm led screen

Curved Lock Available

High precision curve lock(-5to +5°) can make curve LED screen seamless.
Rotational control make it easier to faster to adjust curve degree, providing various connection.

Use curved Lock system, the LED display can work safely and stably in various harsh outdoor environments, without being affected by wind or rain.
It reduces the workload and time cost of the installation personnel and improves the installation efficiency.

led panel

Corner Protection For LED Panel

There are four protection equipments for LED cabinet corners, and protect the LED from damage during transportation and installation.

led panel screen

Front Service &Modular LED Panel

The p2.6 3.9 Series LED cabinet can maintain before and after. Also, it’s easy to install and disassemble. Then, it’s could help you install more quickly and safely.


Front Service LED Screen

Perfect LED Display Performance

Compare with others led display, our rental LED screen is High Brightness, High Refresh Rate, High Resolution.

Our LED display can provide you with ultra-high definition visual effects

P3 led screen

Two common installation methods for rental display screens

Hanging and Stacking are Two common installation methods for rental display screens.

You can flexibly choose the installation method for your stage to achieve the most shocking stage effect!

Hanging and Stacking


Panel Size500*500mm/500*1000mm
SpecificationDigital Poster, Video Wall
Refresh rate1920Hz-3840Hz
Module size250*250mm
Cabinet size500*500mm/500*1000mm
Cabinet materialAlumium
Scan mode1/16scan
CertificateCE ROHS FCC
Life span100000hours


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