1000x500mm Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet

Easy to install Perfect visual experience

60% high permeability

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Classic Transparent LED display

The transparent rate of this series is up to 85%, which improves the special effects and unique display effect. And It does not affect the original lighting function because the picture is suspended above the glass.

Transparent LED display

High permeability

Perspective rate is more than 60%, then it’s lighting and beautiful

Transparent LED screen


Specialized module control for each module
Also, The lC put to use general program LED screen
Besides,all kinds of module interfaces are more compact, and the module structure is greatly simplified, and system performance is greatly improved.

Transparent LED



It has the adaptive function, operative the “S”connections of newline and column.

What’s More, number of modules cascade can reach more than 20pcs.



Glass curtain wall has claw-point connections, and those claws should avoided to install glass led screen on wall.

OPTIONAL CUT led screen


High brightness

The brightness of semi outdoor display can reach 6000cd/m2

High brightness led screen


High refresh rate

Because the screen has specialized lC, the refresh rate will be 4000Hz

High refresh rate


Modular design

This conducive to large-scale production and site installation fastly. Moreover, the module sizes will be flexible following customers require.

Modular design led screen

Four Standard Cabinets

Transparent LED Cabinets

Arbitrary Customization

The screen could be customized into square, triangle, circle cylinder(allow bending into arc) and other irregular shapes

Arbitrary Customization led screen

Multiple installation methods

Transparent Screen Installation


ltem Parameters
Pixel Pitch3.91-7.81mm7.81-7.81mm10.4-10.4mm
Pixel Density(Dots/SQM) Pixel Configuration LED Type327681638410000
SMD1921/SMD2121(Front Lighting) /SMD3512(Side Lighting)
Scan method1 /8S1 /8S1/2S
Cabinet SizeL1000xH 500x D 80mm
Cabinet MaterialDie- -casting Aluminum
Refresh Rate>1 920Hz
Max Power Comsumption600W/m?
Average Power Comsumption200W/m?
Viewing Angle140°~140°
ICMBI 5124
IP RateIP43
Input Voltage100-240Vac
Operation VoltageDC 5V
Current Operating Temperature I Operating Humidity Environment Temperatures 20mA (single LED)
Storage: -40 degree ~ +85 degree; Work: -20 degree ~ +60 degree
Lifespan100,000 hrs
Control PlatformPC/Mobile
Operate SystemWindowslOS/Android
Control ModeSynchronization/Asynchronization with PC/Mobile


Transparent Product

Transparent LED screen


32768 dots/㎡

71% Transparency

1000x500x80mm Cabinet

Transparent LED screen


16384 dots/㎡

71% Transparency

1000x500x80mm Cabinet

Transparent LED screen


10000 dots/㎡

76% Transparency

1000x500x80mm Cabinet


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