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320*160mm Module Size

960*960mm Panel Size

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FO960 Series Outdoor LED Screen

Front maintenance led display cabinet, when there is any failure in the display, open the flip of the display from the front, you can see the internal structure of the display , so as to carry out inspection and maintenance.

Normally, after the flip of the display is opened, it is  Fixed by pneumatic rod.

Front maintenance outdoor led screen

Install the front-maintained cabinet against the wall, with holes for screwing on the back of the cabinet, or use a lifting ring.

This installation method is suitable for the environment where the height is less than 2m.

The size of the screen is small, and there is no maintenance space behind.


Front maintenance outdoor led screen


Easy to maintenance / Back side no need space / Safe installation

The cabinet can be open from the front,easy to install and maintain, just change the bad module sat the screen ,easy to pick down,reducing the maintain cost

Front maintenance outdoor led screen



The Outdoor Double Sided Led Display high resolution and high brightness features ensure shows best quality pictures and vivid videos with great details.

Perfect fit for stage, banks,highways,promotion,station, stadium and other Outdoor places.

Front maintenance outdoor led screen



All-weather for outdoor environment, with Unit unique protection technology to make the display reache the level of lP65.

Can work normally in any weather condition! High protection grade of lP65 guarantees, durability,reliability, Anti-ultraviolet and steady.



Wireless control, easy to configure your screen

Wireless control, easy to configure your screen.


Our Features:

Front access/Front service LED Display

High brightness, visible even with direct sunshine

High water proof and dust proof, IP65 both front and rear side

Having good lighting accordance and no mosaic

Getting vivid effect within any position of the viewing range

Any LED in died pixel can be respectively repaired, which reduce the cost of the display maintenance.

led panelEasy to maintenance


Double side front lift, Easy to install

No need extra maintenance channel,the height cannot exceed 2m. Just front open can time





Pixel Pitch2.5mm3mm4mm5mm
LED TypeSMD1921SMD1921SMD1921SMD1921
Module Size320*160mm192*192mm320*160mm320*160mm
Pixel Density160000dots/sqm111111dots/sqm62500dots/sqm4000dots/sqm
Panel Size960*960mm960*960mm960*960mm960*960mm
Scan method8S8S4S2S
Refresh Rate≥1920HZ≥1920HZ≥1920HZ≥1920HZ
Viewing angle160°/140°160°/140°160°/140°160°/140°
Color Processing Digit16bit16bit16bit16bit
Input Voltage(V)AC 110-220VAC 110-220VAC 110-220VAC 110-220V
Working EnvironmentOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoor
Max Power Consumption700W/m²650W/m²650W/m²700W/m²
Average Power Consumption350W/m²300W/m²300W/m²350W/m²
Ontrol systemSynchronous System
Perating Temperature/Humidity(℃/RH)±-10-40/±10-80%RH



Outdoor Screen

Outdoor Die Casting Led Panel



62500 pixels/sqm

320x 320mm module

Outdoor Die Casting Led Panel



40000 pixels/sqm

320x 320mm module

Outdoor Die Casting Led Panel



22477 pixels/sqm

320x 320mm module

Outdoor Die Casting Led Panel



15625 pixels/sqm

320x 320mm module


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