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In recent years, outdoor naked-eye 3D large screens have presented viewers with a wonderful visual experience with three-dimensional and realistic effects. Chinastar’s 3D LED advertising screens have the advantages of high contrast, high definition, and strong protection capabilities!

LED Display for Naked 3D

In recent years, outdoor naked-eye 3D large screens have presented viewers with a wonderful visual experience with three-dimensional and realistic effects. Chinastar’s 3D LED advertising screens have the advantages of high contrast, high definition, and strong protection capabilities!

3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ outdoor led display



Super High Contrast

P2.5 P3 P4 P5 P6 P6.67 P8 P10

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3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ outdoor led display



70% Energy Saving

P4 P5 P6.67 P8 P10

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3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ LED Display for Naked 3D



Easy Front and Rear Service

P4 P5 P6 P8 P10

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What are the important features of 3D LED display?

High refresh rate: The naked-eye 3D LED display focuses on achieving a high refresh rate to ensure the smoothness and stability of the display content and present a more realistic 3D effect to the audience.

High grayscale: High grayscale means that the screen can express richer color levels and details, which is crucial for presenting realistic 3D images.

High dynamic contrast: Naked-eye 3D LED displays pursue high dynamic contrast to enhance the light and dark changes in the image and improve the overall visual effect.

Curved surface/corner smooth transition: In order to provide a more immersive experience, the naked-eye 3D LED display may have a curved surface design and smooth corner transition, making the image more visually coherent and natural.

Professional decoder support: Software products for naked-eye 3D LED displays require the support of professional decoders to achieve naked-eye 3D effects. The decoder should have material mapping and correction functions for special-shaped display carriers, as well as underlying optimization for high bit rate decoding.

Three-dimensional structure playback material: In order to select the main perspective and achieve the best display effect, the playback material needs to consider the perspective relationship of the display model and make it into a three-dimensional structure.

Technological progress: Naked-eye 3D LED displays have made significant technological progress in material production levels and structural modeling. They are no longer limited to traditional flat displays and pay more attention to artistic design and display effects.

Where Can You Use 3D LED Billboards?

3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ LED Display for Naked 3D

3D LED billboards for commercial buildings

Eye-catching visibility: 3D LED billboards have eye-catching properties on commercial buildings. Compared with traditional flat billboards, they are more likely to attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles and improve the visibility of advertisements.

Strengthen brand awareness: Well-designed 3D billboards help strengthen the brand image through vivid images and animations, making the brand more popular and increasing brand awareness.

Improve customer engagement: 3D LED billboards can not only display static advertising content, but also engage viewers through interactive methods such as scanning codes to increase customer engagement. This interactivity helps attract more eyes and makes the ad more engaging.

Building Renovation

Attract more people: 3D LED displays can be an effective tool in building renovations to attract more people. Its eye-catching features stand out in the urban landscape, attracting the attention of pedestrians and thus increasing foot traffic in the surrounding area.

Increased revenue opportunities: By installing 3D LED displays on buildings, more advertising and promotion opportunities can be created. Merchants and advertisers can rent advertising space, providing an additional revenue stream for building owners. This innovative advertising format is expected to attract more advertisers and increase the value of advertising space.

3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ LED Display for Naked 3D
3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ LED Display for Naked 3D


Improvement of artistic expression: 3D LED displays can increase artistic expression in landscaping, bringing visual impact to green areas by displaying unique designs and eye-catching content. This not only makes the green space more creative, but also provides the audience with a brand new artistic experience.

Creation of urban landmarks: The use of 3D LED displays makes the landscaping area one of the urban landmarks. Take the 3D printed cat at the east exit of Shinjuku Station as an example. It is not only a billboard, but also a unique and iconic attraction. This innovative use of design and technology helps to increase the visibility and attractiveness of green areas.

Chinastar 3D LED Billboard Solutions

3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ outdoor led display

SI960 Series

  • SMD P2.5 P3 P4 P5 P6 P6.67 P8 P10;DIP P10 P16
  • 960x960mm Standard Outdoor Panel
  • High brightness
  • Super high contrast
  • Outdoor HD Resolution
  • More Stable Quality And Longer Working Life
3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ outdoor led display

EOD10 Series

  • SMD: P4 P5 P6.67 P8 P10; DIP: P10
  • 960x960mm Energy Saving Outdoor Panel
  • 70% Energy saving
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Thinner and Lighter
  • IP65 Waterproof, UV proof
3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ LED Display for Naked 3D

AFD960 Series

  • P4 P5 P6 P8 P10
  • Easy front and rear service
  • 6500 to 10000 High brightness
  • Perfect 480x 320 mm Big size Module
  • Support 90°or any curved angle screen
  • The best Energy-saving whole aluminum front service screen

Why Choose LED Screen From Chinastar

Apply naked-eye 3D video technology to LED displays to achieve new breakthroughs in creative marketing, enabling brand advertising to achieve stunning dreamlike cool effects and ultimate visual experience, helping to enhance brand awareness and maximize marketing value.

Naked-eye 3D LED displays are becoming a new fashion in the industry

1. What Is 3D LED Display Screen?

3D LED display is an LED screen technology with three-dimensional display effect that can present realistic images in three-dimensional space. Unlike traditional flat LED displays, 3D LED displays utilize advanced technology and special designs to enable viewers to feel depth and perspective effects, creating a more engaging visual experience.

This kind of display screen usually uses advanced technologies such as high refresh rate, high grayscale, and curved surface design to present a more detailed and realistic picture. It can be widely used in commercial advertising, architectural renovation, landscaping and other scenes, bringing visual shock and novelty to the audience.

2. Technologies of Naked-eye 3D LED Screen

Naked-eye 3D technology is a technology that allows viewers to experience a realistic three-dimensional effect when viewing the display directly with the naked eye without using special glasses. This technology is designed to provide a more natural and comfortable stereoscopic image viewing experience. There are two common implementation methods of naked-eye 3D technology:

Adaptive parallax screen: The screen adjusts the parallax of the displayed content so that the left and right eyes see different images respectively, thereby producing a three-dimensional effect. Audiences can experience the 3D effect without wearing glasses.

3D led billboard 7

Lens array technology: The screen is covered with an array of micro lenses. Each lens only allows light from a specific angle to pass through, allowing the left and right eyes to see different images, thereby forming a naked-eye 3D effect.3D led billboard 8

The development of these technologies has enabled naked-eye 3D technology to be applied in advertising, entertainment, education and other fields, providing users with a more immersive and convenient viewing experience.


3. Why Are 3D Digital Billboards Better than Traditional Billboards?

3D LED displays far outperform traditional displays in the advertising and entertainment fields, showing excellent advantages in brand building, content delivery, and conversion rates. The following is a series of evidence that explores in depth the unique advantages of 3D LED billboards compared to traditional advertising:

1) 3D advertising leads a new trend

3D digital advertising allows brands and products to be more vividly presented to the audience through its more in-depth display form, thereby improving the audience’s sense of participation and interactivity. Not only do brands make a lasting impression with this eye-catching advertising format, they can also expect higher conversion rates and potential profits.

2) Internet celebrity effect helps brand communication

Huge, stunning, and interactive 3D billboards are eye-catching in their own right and have become internet celebrities in the city. People share photos and videos of these vivid screens on the Internet, creating a large amount of free traffic for the brand and achieving widespread brand dissemination.

3) Generate substantial income

Just by sponsoring a 3D advertisement, a brand can bring considerable profits. The average cost of 3D advertising ranges from US$1,200 to US$15,000 per month, attracting the attention of many large companies, ensuring a steady stream of orders.

4) Create a public technology space

Excellent 3D LED displays need to be combined with architectural design concepts to create a visually impactful public technology space. With the help of the corners of the building, 3D visual effects are achieved, making the screen an artistic landmark in the city.

5) Improve advertising retention and conversion rates

3D advertising can attract more attention in a limited time, and the public will stay longer. Audiences are entertained and educated through eye-catching videos, which puts brands in a dominant position in the minds of potential customers and increases conversion rates.

6) Improve aesthetics

Through unique visual experiences, 3D advertising adds color to promotional methods, becoming creative and aesthetic landmarks in the city, leaving an unforgettable impression on the brand.

7) Advanced display technology

Different from traditional 2D billboards, the non-flat design of 3D advertising screens makes the content more 3D effective. This advanced display technology makes advertising content more engaging and presents a higher-end visual experience.

8) Improve user engagement

3D visualization is a more in-depth advertising method and is more popular with customers. Through 3D marketing, advertisers can create a more memorable experience than 2D advertising, guiding viewers to pay attention to the content and actively participate in interaction.

Overall, the advantages of 3D LED billboards in all aspects make it stand out and become a leader in the field of advertising and entertainment, creating unique and memorable advertising effects for brands.

4. How can 3D billboards achieve profit growth in a short period of time?

A study by Forbes shows that using 3D marketing can increase luxury brands’ conversion rates by 40%, which is real growth. Every business has the potential to achieve this growth if they invest in 3D advertising. Below I will reveal why the 3D LED display is so powerful?


1) More attractive advertising methods

Want your ad to stand out instantly? 3D LED billboards are your best choice! In developed countries such as Japan, the United States, and South Korea, 3D LED billboards have become a trend and have been applied in many wonderful practical cases.

2) Internet celebrity effect

Many 3D LED billboards, such as the Coca-Cola billboard in Times Square and the Nike Air LED wall in Tokyo, are automatically promoted by many Internet celebrities on social media such as YouTube and Twitter. The screen itself becomes a hotspot on the internet that attracts traffic from people who don’t need to create more content for it. These videos and images can reach a large audience, providing brands with the opportunity for free advertising education.

3) Higher public retention rate

Want more attention in a limited time? 3D advertising can certainly achieve this goal! Eye-catching videos can provide viewers with an entertaining and educational experience that keeps them engaged with 3D ads. Opting for 3D billboard advertising puts your brand at the top of your potential customers’ minds when they’re searching for the same product in their brains.

4) More user engagement

3D LED screens first capture your audience’s attention and then convert it into your profits! 3D ads are more memorable than any other type of advertising and therefore have the highest engagement rates. More user engagement means more potential revenue. Choose 3D LED display to make your brand leave a deep and effective impression on your audience!

5) Generate more revenue

Compared with traditional LED billboards, although the cost of 3D advertising is higher, sponsorship can offset most of the investment. Your orders are likely to keep coming, as many large companies are paying more and more attention to this effective method of advertising, leading to more business opportunities.

5. What Is 3D Billboard Price?

Naked-eye 3D display is a new display technology that can present realistic three-dimensional images without wearing any glasses. This kind of display screen has applications in outdoor advertising and commercial display fields. How much does a naked-eye 3D display cost? Is it expensive?

Taking into account many factors such as size, location, clarity and quality, the average price of a 3D billboard fluctuates between thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you want to buy a suitable large display screen, you need to know more about the factors that affect the price. The specific influencing factors are detailed below.


1) 3D billboard cost analysis:

  • Digital billboard cost:

3D advertising displays usually consist of flat displays and curved LED displays, and their costs are mainly affected by factors such as pixel spacing, lamp beads, and ICs. Glasses-free 3D screens for outdoor use vary in pitch from P3 to P10 depending on size, and usually use LED displays with 4K or 8K resolution libraries to achieve excellent naked-eye 3D effects.

  • 3D video production cost:

Compared with the cost of LED screens, 3D video source production is more expensive. However, the commercial value brought by 3D billboards can make up for the cost of 3D content production to a certain extent. Video complexity, duration and production process complexity are important factors affecting the price of 3D billboards. Due to the complex production process, the production quotation of 3D video source is usually calculated in seconds, and the difference depends on the complexity of special effects and character details.

2) In addition, factors that affect the final price include:

– screen size: The larger the size, the higher the price, which is an intuitive cost factor.

– Video complexity: The final visual effect of a 3D billboard is closely related to the 3D content itself. The accuracy of detail processing directly affects the degree of visual fidelity and may sometimes require higher costs.

– Functional aspects: For example, human-computer interaction naked-eye 3D displays in large shopping malls may require more functions, such as face recognition, mobile phone interaction and other functions, and the price will be slightly more expensive. The price will also be affected by the actual needs of the customer. For example, the solution required by the customer and the complexity of the project will all affect the quotation.

– Duration: The length of the video and the time it took to create it are important considerations. Longer display times may result in a wider range, while production times need to be taken into account to calculate potential pricing.

It is undeniable that 3D billboards are more expensive than traditional printed billboards. However, the reason for paying a higher price is the significant commercial value it brings, which ultimately offsets the cost by generating more revenue. 3D billboard advertising has become a new mainstream in the field of digital advertising due to its eye-catching characteristics. Although the price is higher, the attraction and commercial value it brings make it very popular.

6. More Using Scenarios of 3D LED Display

3D led billboard 9

3D LED displays are widely used in a variety of application scenarios due to their eye-catching characteristics and excellent visual effects. The following are some common application scenarios of 3D LED displays:

1) Advertising and Marketing: 3D LED billboards are most commonly used for commercial advertising and marketing campaigns. Its vivid effect can better attract the attention of the target audience and enhance the brand image and advertising effect.

2) Retail and Shopping Malls:In retail environments, 3D LED displays can be used for product display, promotion and information delivery. Its high brightness and eye-catching properties make it an effective tool for attracting customers.

3) Exhibitions and conferences: In exhibitions and large-scale conferences, 3D LED displays can be used to display products, present information and provide interactive experiences to attract the audience’s attention.

4) Interior design and decoration: 3D LED walls or installations can be used in interior design to create a unique spatial atmosphere and add color to architectural and commercial spaces.

5) Entertainment venues:In nightclubs, bars and entertainment venues, 3D LED screens can be used to create stunning visual effects and enhance the entertainment experience.

6) Sports venues:3D LED screens are used in sports venues for live broadcasts, game statistics and audience interaction, providing a richer sports event experience.

7) Education:In the field of education, 3D LED displays can be used for interactive teaching, scientific display and campus information release to improve learning effects.

8) Medical:In the medical field, 3D LED screens can be used for medical image display, surgical training and patient information transmission to improve medical service levels.

9) Transportation hubs:3D LED displays can be used for passenger information release, advertising and navigation in transportation hubs such as airports and stations.

10) Real Estate:In the real estate industry, 3D LED displays can be used to display property, unit type and regional information to attract the attention of potential home buyers.

These are just some examples of 3D LED display applications, and their flexibility and versatility give them wide application potential in a variety of industries.

7. More Product Recommends of 3D LED Screen Display

3D LED display can not only be applied to advertising billboard, but also to other innovative LED screens such as 3D floor LED displays, Virtual LED displays, etc.

VR XR Virtual Immersive LED Screen/ 3D led billboard/ LED Display for Naked 3D

VR002 Virtual Immersive LED Screen

  1. Customized 8scan, 16scan realize High refresh rate 7680hz, 6 scan according to customer’s requirement.
  2. High frame rate with special and famous control systems ( if you want to know more detail , please feel free to contact me ).
  3. Low latency to meet demand of your motion tracking in camera.
  4. Total black golden wire led lamps realize DCI-P3 color gamut , which will show colors that close to the image we watch by eyes.
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With the development of led display and film virtual production , under the era of Epidemic situation, people are restricted in limited indoor space.

XR combines a high-performance LED screen, simultaneous capture, and real-time rendering with camera tracking. It allows movie studio to create any environment and any weather without any time limit and economic also. It allows for the creation of highly realistic content without further post-production.

VR XR Virtual Immersive LED Screen/ 3D led billboard/ LED Display for Naked 3D

The production model is shifting, and so are our capabilities. Our LED panels can create immersive and dynamic LED volumes and execute XR productions for live streaming events, artistic collaborations, and film-making, immersive concert. Our premium LED products (wall/floor/ceiling) replace the traditional green screen, allowing for quick content iteration. They combine perfectly with camera motion tracking to ensure accurate capture and make creativity infinite.


3D floor LED displays/ LED dance floor screen

FL001 3D floor LED displays

Use the top quality Nationstar brand led and good ICMBI5124.

Module Size is 250*250mm

The surface covered by the high quality Acrylic to protect the led lamps

Interactive —-Radar system. It can be radiation 10 meters of the diameter when people walk on the area floor

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3D floor LED displays/ LED dance floor screenWhat’s unique about the LED 3D dance floor is that it can be seamlessly connected to any desired size, allowing people to step onto the display, creating an incredible interactive effect!

3D floor LED displays/ LED dance floor screen

This interactive LED floor tile screen has innovative interactive entertainment functions. Users can enjoy a real-time interactive experience when they step on the screen. Its intelligent design allows it to withstand tremendous pressure, is heat resistant and is waterproof. The wide viewing angle, adjustable brightness and clear images make it suitable for various scenarios.

Paired with exquisite 3D display effects, this LED 3D dance floor can definitely become your right-hand man to increase the flow of people!


3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ LED Display for Naked 3D

AFD Series 3D LED Panel

High Protection Aluminum Chassis Panel Design

Standard size cabinet with 960*960mm dimension

Both front and back are IP65  

Totally front or back service

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(1) Excellent energy efficiency:

The application of CCES technology and dual-voltage output allows energy consumption to be effectively controlled, saving money on your electricity bill and realizing the power-saving features of LED displays.

3D led billboard 16

(2) Flexible space utilization:

The AFD 3D LED panel has dual service functions and supports real maintenance without the need for additional backend space. A variety of installation methods, including wall-mounted, provide you with more space utilization options.

3D led billboard/ outdoor led screen/ LED Display for Naked 3D

(3) Low maintenance cost:

It has high protection capabilities, including waterproof and fire resistance, verified by TUV certificate and IP66 certificate. The design is easy to maintain and install, effectively reducing maintenance costs.


(4) Economical and efficient installation:

Weighing only 30kg/m2 and only 75mm deep, it provides you with a more cost-effective installation option while reducing transportation costs. Lightweight design requires less labor to quickly install or remove the screen.

outdoor led display/ outdoor led screen/ LED Display for Naked 3D


8. Conclusion

3D LED displays will lead the mainstream trend of creative screens in the future and provide viewers with an incredible visual experience. It is closely connected with high-quality 3D video sources to create excellent display effects. When it comes to hardware, we are committed to ensuring the best possible performance in product quality and display. When customers design screens, full communication with the video source is particularly critical. Especially for naked-eye 3D screens, a good video source directly determines the final presentation of the visual effects. If you want to get more information about 3D LED displays, please feel free to contact us. The Chinastar team will provide you with reasonable quotations, comprehensive professional technical support, and content assistance, providing you with high quality from screens, content to services. 3D billboard!

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