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Simple Iron Cabinet without backdoor

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HS960 Indoor LED Screen

LED cabinet structure as below

LED cabinet




Simple Iron Cabinet without backdoor

Steel Iron cabinet, lock structure, 10 seconds assembly, saving installation time;

The box is made of Steel Iron, which has high strength, toughness, high precision, and is not easy to deform. Its thickness is only 80mm;

Simple Iron Cabinet without backdoor



The modular design of the box body makes it easy to install and disassemble the screen body at any position, and the maintenance is simple

LED panel




The cabinet is singular and compatible with multiple point distances

led module



The cabinet is light in weight and requires low installation costs;

Low power consumption of the cabinet, saving operating costs;

indoor led display


Total front access 

HS960 series Module, power supply ,card,cables all,can be taken out from front

HS960 series is available to do customized size

HS960 series is cost-effective option for indoor wall mounted choice

HS960 Series has indoor P2.5,P3, P4. P5,P6 ,wide choice

LED cabinet



Extreme precision

Magnetic led module,easy to connect and install.whole screen flatness and seam is less than 0.05mm

Magnetic module



Installation screws in the front

Screws connect with connection plate front front ,greatly reduce installation distance between screen and wall

led video wall



Customized 90°panel(module is also 90°)for the rectangular LED screen

Customized 90°panel


Pixel Pitch2.5mm3mm4mm5mm6mm
Pixel Density/mi160,000 dots111111 dots62,500dots40,000 dots27,777 dots
LED CongratulationSMO2121SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121SMD3528
Modulo Size160mm*160mm192mm*192mm256mm*128mm320m* 160mm192mm 192mm
Module Re solution64* 64 dots64″ 64 dots64* 32 dots64* 32 dots32 32 dots
Panel Dimension480*480*100mm768*576*100mm768*512*100mm960*640*100mm960*960*100mm
Panel Resolution192″ 192 dots256* 192 dots192 * 128 dots192* 128 dots160* 160 dots
Panel Weight8 Kg15 Kg13 Kg20 Kg32 Kg
Driving Mode1/321/161/161/81/8
Refresh Rate1920- -3840Hz1920-3840Hz1920-3840Hz1920-3840Hz1920-3840Hz
Brightness800 cd/㎡1000 cd/㎡》1200 cd/㎡1200 cd/㎡31500 cd/㎡
color processing bits16bit
Cabinet raw materialSteal/Aluminum
IP ratingIP3X




Indoor Screen

led screen indoor


160*160mm Modulo Size

480*480*100mm Panel Size

Panel Weight 8kg

led screen indoor


192*192mm Modulo Size

768*576*100mm Panel Size

Panel Weight 15kg

led screen indoor


256*128mm Modulo Size

768*512*100mm Panel Size

Panel Weight 13kg

led screen indoor


320*160mm Modulo Size

960*640*100mm Panel Size

Panel Weight 20kg

led screen indoor


192*192mm Modulo Size

960*960*100mm Panel Size

Panel Weight 32kg


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