95% high transparency

1.2mm thickness

Flexible and ultra light

200-2500nits high brightness

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Flexible transparent led screen

Flexible transparent LED displays can be bent, folded and stretched as needed.

It can adapt to various complex curved surfaces and shapes, also it is easy to installed on various irregularly shaped surfaces, such as cylindrical, wavy, etc.

Flexible transparent led screen

As high as 95% transparency

It has high transparency and can transmit light without blocking the background landscape.

95% transparency


Invisible PCB wires

No PCB Design Old transparent Glass Led Screen with Strip PCB visible.

Now we use cutting-edge invisible technology to make PCB wires invisible, then make the led film panel can reach as high as 95% transparency.

led film

Easy to install 

It’s easy to install on any existing glass surface using its self-adhesive transparent film.

As the film screen is soft and flexible, then it works on a wide range of curved glass and round shape surfaces.

led film screen

Arbitrary cropping Seamless mosaic display

You can crop the screen size you want and seamlessly splice the screen.

The closer the distance between the lamp beads, the clearer the pixel density.

And the seamless cutting screen size is more flexible to match the installation and the regional carrier.

custom size transparent led screen


The picture is full of vivid colors

The image is clearly presented and full-color images are vivid and vivid. It’s really clear display and full color display with richer content

transparent led screen


Innovative advertising display

Flexible transparent LED displays can integrate advertising content with the background landscape to create unique visual effects, attract people’s attention, and increase advertising effects.



Strong sense of space

The transparent LED display enhances the transparency and openness of the space, making the background landscape more three-dimensional and deep.

transparent led screen


Strong flexibility

LED film screen is flexible, and can attach to a curved building curtain wall. TheThickness is about 1.2mm

Flexible led screen

How to install flexible transparent screen

How to install flexible transparent screen

Pixel Pitch6.67mm10mm
WeightScreen: 3Kgs/m2
Consumption560 / 160 w /Sqm
Brightness1500-2500 Nit
Refresh rate>3840
Protect gradeIP65


Transparent Product

led film



1500-2500 Nit Brightness

960mmx240X1.2mm Cabinet

led film



1500-2500 Nit Brightness

960mmx240X1.2mm Cabinet


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