Support 90° or any curved angle screen

Easy front and rear service

6500 to 10000 High brightness

Both front and back are lP65

Light weight and Slim

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AFD960 3D LED Screen

The 3D LED display has the characteristics of higher brightness, more vivid colors, higher contrast, and ultra-thin.
So, it has a natural and comfortable field of vision and a wider viewing angle, which can be integrated into creative displays to create more realistic and shocking immersive experience scenes.
Additionally, it has broad prospects in immersive specific venues such as VR, AR, and stage art.

3d led screen outdoor

AFD Series 3D LED Screen

LED Module

Customized Design

Firstly, it support 90° or any curved screen as you wants
The characteristics of the outdoor 3D LED display that supports 90° or any curved screen include its flexible design and structure, which allows it to adapt to various curved surfaces and angles for installation needs.

Besides, this characteristic enables the LED display to create unique visual effects in outdoor environments.

And the curved shape can be freely adjusted according to site requirements to achieve a richer and more diverse visual presentation.

At the same time, this flexibility also provides a broader creative space, allowing outdoor LED displays to better attract the audience’s attention and highlight advertising content and brand image.

outdoor 3D LED display supports 90° or any curved screen

Aluminum or iron are available

Generally, the aluminum box is lightweight and durable, and has good heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.

So It is suitable for outdoor environments and easy to install and maintain.

The iron box is more durable and suitable for environments, so it require additional protection, and is relatively heavier.

Aluminum or iron are available

No cable outside, all cables are hidden

Generally, the box design of the LED display usually hides the cables inside, then make the appearance neat and without cables being exposed.
This design can improve the aesthetics of the LED display, reduce clutter in the installation area
Help protect the cables from the external environment, then could improve the stability and durability of the display.

No cable outside, all cables are hidden

Totally front or back service

Front service and back service of LED displays are key to ensuring their long-term stable operation.

Firstly, front maintenance usually includes regularly cleaning the display surface

Checking whether the connecting wires are loose, and checking whether there are bright or dead pixels.

Besides, back maintenance involves more in-depth repair and replacement work.

Such as replacing faulty modules, repairing power supplies or control systems, and adjusting screen brightness and color balance.

front and back service outdoor led screen

ApplicationNaked Eye 3D Outdoor Digital Advertising
ColorFull color
Panel Size960*960mm
Pixel Pitch6.67 mm8 mm10 mm
Place of OriginChina
Module size      480x320mm
Brand NameChinastar 3D Outdoor Led Screen Display
Product nameOutdoor P6 led Screen displayOutdoor P8 led Screen displayOutdoor P10 led Screen display
Pixel Density22500 dots/M215625 dots/M210000 dots/M2
LED LightsSMD 2727SMD 3535SMD 3535
Cabinet size960mm*960mm
Cabinet resolution144*144192*192120*120
Scan mode6 scan5 scan2 scan
Refresh rate> 3840 Hz

Outdoor Product

3d led screen outdoor


960x960mm Cabinet

480x320mm Module

22500 dots/㎡

3d led screen outdoor


960x960mm Cabinet

480x320mm Module

15625 dots/㎡

3d led screen outdoor


960x960mm Cabinet

480x320mm Module

10000 dots/㎡


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