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ChinaStar Cloud LED display is a revolutionary retail product that will display HD pictures or video to potential retail customers. With a total thickness of 35mm(1.4in)and a weight of only 38kg(88lbs), these units can easily be moved and set up anywhere. The slim aluminum finish of the Cloud series really changes how traditional retail environments display their products.

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The days of static posters or dressed up mannequins are in the past. The Cloud LED display can now display multiple pictures containing a host of products or advertisements.

led poster screen

LED Poster Display Screen

In recent years, LED poster displays have become increasingly popular in the LED display market. Chinastar LED display is a revolutionary retail product that displays high-definition pictures or videos to potential retail customers through wireless cloud management through Wifi or 4G control system.

led poster screen

Slim & Lightweight Design

Chinastar LED poster display is an ultra-thin cabinet with light weight, slim appearance and very exquisite visual display. The cabinet frame and LED components focus on reliability and portability.

led poster screen

Outstanding visual display effects

Chinastar LED poster screen stands out for its excellent visual effects. Using high-quality LEDs and advanced driver ICs, it achieves an ultra-high refresh rate of up to 2880Hz and a high-definition contrast ratio of 5000:1. 1,000 nits of brightness ensures viewers enjoy a perfect visual display

led poster display

Unique Base-Standing Bracket

The LED poster base bracket ensures that the LED poster stands firmly on the ground. The stand is designed to be flexible and equipped with 4 movable wheels, allowing the LED poster to be easily rotated and moved freely in all directions.

led poster screen

Smart Cloud Management

The LED poster display realizes synchronous and asynchronous control systems, and the content can be updated instantly through iPad, mobile phone or notebook. It has cross-platform information transfer function, supports USB or WIFI, and is suitable for multiple IOS and Android devices. Additionally, there is support for a built-in media player that can store and play various video and image formats.

Next, we will take you to learn the relevant professional knowledge of LED poster screens and help you better choose the appropriate LED poster screens. Please continue reading

1. What Is LED Poster Display

led poster display
LED poster screen is a high-definition display screen made with LED technology, usually used in retail stores, shopping malls, billboards and other places.
It uses high-quality LED and driver IC, with high refresh rate and high contrast to present excellent visual effects. The LED poster screen supports synchronous and asynchronous control systems, and users can update content through various devices such as iPads, mobile phones or laptops.
This display has the characteristics of real-time playback, cross-platform information transfer, and multi-device compatibility. It also supports a built-in media player and can store and play various video and image formats. LED poster screens are also usually equipped with a base bracket to allow it to stand stably on the ground. The bracket is movable, allowing the poster to rotate and move freely in all directions.

2. The Features of LED Poster Screen

1) Ultra-thin and lightweight design: The LED poster features a slim frame design and lightweight structure, making it easy to move and install.
2) Adjustable brightness: Supports brightness adjustment function, adapts to different environments, and ensures good visibility in bright or dark places.
3) Flexibility and mobility: Equipped with a base bracket and wheels, the LED poster screen can stand stably on the ground and has the characteristics of free rotation and free movement in all directions, increasing the flexibility of the display.
led poster display
4) Intelligent cloud management: The simple operating system supports working time adjustment and can control the running time of the display to save power and extend service life. Real-time management and control are achieved through mobile phones, and the operation is simple and clear.
5) Multimedia format support: Able to play a variety of video and image formats, supports built-in media players, and provides a wide range of media content display
6) Seamless splicing: Using a quick connector design, the LED poster display can be seamlessly connected with displays of the same type, displaying videos and images seamlessly.
led poster screen
7) Multiple installation methods: Supports a variety of creative installation methods, such as upright bracket, base type, hanging type, multi-level stacking, etc., to meet different advertising and activity needs.
8) Synchronous and asynchronous control: Supports synchronous and asynchronous control systems, users can update content through different devices to achieve real-time playback and remote control.
9) Easy maintenance: The LED poster screen is designed with the convenience of maintenance in mind, making replacement, repair and maintenance simple and fast.

3. The Application LED Poster Display

LED poster screens are widely used in various scenarios due to their ultra-thin, lightweight and high-definition characteristics. The following is a detailed description of some common application scenarios:
1) Retail store windows: LED poster screens can be installed in retail store windows to display the latest products, promotional information or brand advertisements. Its high brightness and clarity ensure that it can attract the attention of passers-by during the day and night, increasing product exposure.
2) Shopping mall billboards: In shopping malls, LED poster screens can be used as digital billboards to display advertising, new product releases, seasonal promotions and other information from different brands in rotation to attract customers’ shopping interest.
led poster display
3) Exhibitions and events: LED poster screens can be used as the background of exhibitions and events to display the products, services and brand image of exhibitors. Its lightweight nature makes it possible to move and install quickly between booths.
4) Hotel lobby: In the hotel lobby, LED poster screens can be used to display various hotel services, room type introductions, restaurant menus and special discount information to provide guests with comprehensive information services.
5) Cinema lobby: As an advertising screen for cinemas, LED poster screens can be used to play trailers and release times of the latest movies, etc., to enhance the overall atmosphere of the cinema and attract audiences.
6) Corporate lobby: Companies can install LED poster screens in the lobby area to display the company’s culture, history, latest achievements, employee style, etc., to strengthen the corporate image.
7) Subway stations and airports: In transportation hubs, LED poster screens can be used as digital guide screens to play site information, flight information, traffic tips, etc. to facilitate passengers to obtain real-time information.
8) Schools and educational institutions: LED poster screens in schools can be used to publish school activities, performance announcements, important notices and the promotion of educational resources to improve the effect of internal information transmission within the school.
9) Car showroom: In car exhibitions, LED poster screens can be used to broadcast car features, performance, and promotional information to provide visitors with detailed car displays.
10) Restaurants and cafes: In catering establishments, LED poster screens can be used to display menus, special dishes, and event information to enhance customers’ dining experience.

These specific application scenarios demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of LED poster screens, which are suitable for various commercial and public areas, providing innovative solutions for information transmission and brand display.

4. How about the Price of LED Poster Display


Compared with other types of displays, LED displays are more affordable. This is mainly affected by many factors such as production technology and raw materials. Therefore, even if you don’t have a big budget, you can still buy a LED poster screen with stable functions! Here are some factors related to LED poster prices.


  • Screen size: The size of the LED poster screen is one of the important factors that determine the price. Larger size LED screens usually require more LED modules and materials, so the cost is higher and the price increases accordingly.


  • Resolution: Resolution is a measure of the clarity of the image displayed on an LED screen, usually in pixels. Higher resolution LED poster screens usually mean higher costs and prices.


  • Brightness: The brightness level of the screen is one of the factors that affects the price of LED poster screens. High-brightness LED screens are suitable for outdoor and bright environments, but high brightness usually requires more LED lamp beads and advanced heat dissipation systems, thus increasing costs.


  • Refresh rate: The refresh rate is the number of times the LED screen updates the image in one second. A higher refresh rate usually means smoother video playback. LED poster screens with higher refresh rates may require more advanced technology and components, thus affecting the price.


  • LED lamp bead quality: The quality of LED lamp beads directly affects the display effect and the life of the screen. High-quality LED lamp beads are usually more expensive, but can provide a more stable and high-quality display.


  • Materials and manufacturing quality: The quality of the LED poster screen’s casing, brackets and other structural materials, as well as the precision of the manufacturing process, will affect the price of the final product. High-quality materials and manufacturing processes typically come at a higher cost.

led poster screen packaging

  • Customization requirements:If you have special customization requirements, such as non-standard size, shape or special features, it will usually result in additional design and manufacturing costs, thus affecting the price.


  • Service and Support: Brands that offer after-sales service and support will often include the associated costs in the product price. More comprehensive service and support may be reflected in the product price.


  • Installation and maintenance costs: The installation and maintenance of LED poster screens may involve additional costs, such as installation labor, maintenance services, etc., which will also have an impact on the final price.


Generally speaking, factors such as pixel pitch, lamp beads, power supply, and packaging methods will affect the price of digital LED posters. If you are looking for a reasonable LED poster screen quotation for your project, you can fill out the form above and describe your needs. Then our professional sales staff will provide you with the best offer.

5. How to Choose Suitable LED Poster for my Project?

When choosing an LED poster screen, you can consider according to the following guidelines:
  • Indoor or outdoor LED posters: If it is an outdoor application, the LED poster needs to have a higher waterproof level and brightness. Indoor LED poster screens do not need to consider the waterproof level.
  • Installation method: Different installation methods have different requirements for the installation environment and require corresponding accessories. Make sure you choose an installation method that suits your project needs.
  • Viewing distance: Consider the distance between the viewer and the LED display. For close viewing, choose products with smaller pixel pitch (such as P2mm or P2.5mm) for better display effects. At events with larger space, P3mm or P4mm may be more suitable.
  • Rent or buy: Consider how often the LED poster will be used. If it’s a short-term event or content needs to be changed frequently, leasing can be an economical and flexible option. And if you plan to use it for a long time, buying it may be more appropriate.
  • Budget: The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the product price. Based on your budget, choose the appropriate pixel pitch and communicate with your supplier to get a reasonable solution.
By comprehensively considering the above factors, you can better select the appropriate LED poster screen for the project to ensure the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the investment.

6. What’s the difference between LED Posters and LCD Posters?

LED poster screens and LCD poster screens are two different display technologies. They have some differences in structure, performance and use:

1) Display principle:

LED poster screen: Uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as light sources. LEDs can emit light directly, so LED displays do not require a backlight. LED screens can be divided into two types: SMD LED and DIP LED. SMD LED is more commonly used for indoor screens, while DIP LED is usually used for outdoor screens.

LCD poster screen: uses liquid crystal display technology. LCD screens require backlight sources to illuminate the liquid crystal layer. Common backlight sources include cold cathode tubes (CCFL) and LEDs. The display principle of the LCD screen is to control the degree of light transmission by adjusting the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules to achieve image display.


2) Thickness and weight:

LED poster screens: are generally thinner than LCD poster screens and are lighter overall since they do not require a backlight.

LCD poster screen: It is relatively thick and heavy due to the need for backlight and liquid crystal layer.


3)Brightness and Contrast:

LED poster screen: Usually has higher brightness and contrast, making it perform well in outdoor environments or situations where high brightness is required.

LCD poster screen: It may not be as good as LED display in terms of brightness and contrast, especially in outdoor environments with poor visibility.


4)Viewing angle:

LED poster screen: With a large viewing angle, the audience can clearly see the content on the screen from multiple directions.

LCD poster screen: In some cases, the viewing angle of the LCD screen may be limited, and the viewer needs to be at a specific angle to get the best viewing effect.


5)Power consumption:

LED poster screens: Generally have lower power consumption, especially screens using SMD LEDs.

LCD poster screen: Some LCD screens may have higher power consumption due to the need for a backlight.

7. Why Choose Chinastar Poster LED Screen?

High quality LED parts

We have established close cooperation with suppliers such as Novastar, Kinglight, Nationstar, Colorlight, Meanwell, Macroblock, Mooncell etc. The industry’s first-class raw materials ensure that our products are stable and reliable.

First-class workshop, professional workers

Chinastar has first-class automated production equipment, a set of efficient production lines, and professional workers. Our main engineer team have more than 10 years led industry experience and can offer you ODM&OEM and Projects Install service

Fast delivery and sufficient production capacity

We have mature and efficient production lines that can produce high-quality LED displays with fast delivery, which is very important for LED display rental projects because many projects require timeliness.

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8. LED Poster Cases

led poster screen, led poster display

9. Conclusion

In this article, we provide a comprehensive introduction to the LED poster display from the aspects of features, price, application scenarios, why to choose Chinastar, etc.

Chinastar has a professional technical support team, and technical support covers installation, configuration and anything related to LED displays. If you have any questions or needs, please leave us a message! Our sales team or technical staff will reply to you as soon as possible!

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