Why can’t outdoor advertising be replaced in the era of digitalization and the Internet?

With the rise of the digital age and the rise of Internet advertising, outdoor advertising seems to be becoming more and more marginalized. However, the actual situation is quite the opposite. Outdoor advertising has always been an important part of the advertising industry, and there is still no other advertising that can replace the position of outdoor advertising in the advertising market.

The audience of outdoor advertising is all the public. It can display the image and brand of the company for a long time in a fixed location. So it is very effective in increasing the visibility of the company and brand. Outdoor advertising has been passed down to this day and has never been replaced by other media forms.

In recent years, various emerging media have emerged in an endless stream, but outdoor advertising is still one of the preferred advertising media forms in the minds of many advertisers. So there is still no other advertising that can replace the position of outdoor advertising in the advertising market.

advertising LED Screen

High reach rate and low cost per thousand

The reach rate of outdoor media is second only to television media. By combining the target population, advertisers can correctly choose the release location and outdoor media, so that outdoor advertising can be well matched with the rhythm of the audience’s life.

According to the survey and research of the World Advertising Research Center, the cost per thousand of outdoor advertising in major global markets is generally lower than the average cost per thousand of all media. Although the prices of various media are different, the cost per thousand of outdoor advertising is still very low compared with the other four major media.

Secondly, outdoor advertising and digital advertising are complementary rather than substitutes. Large screens representing outdoor advertising occupy the main entrance of offline traffic and influence target consumers in real space. Traditional media mainly based on large TV screens affect consumers in the home space. Then virtual digital advertising mainly based on small screens such as computers and mobile phones reaches individual audiences in the virtual world. Although digital media currently accounts for an increasing proportion in people’s lives, digital space cannot replace the value of real space.

Outdoor advertising has irreplaceable advantages. There is a set of data: 1/3 of consumers often watch outdoor advertising, while 20% almost never pay attention to outdoor advertising. Whether walking or taking the bus, from Monday to the weekend, people spend more than 100 minutes on the road every day. Among them, drivers spend more time, 144 minutes, and the time spent on the road on weekends increases to 166 minutes.

Strong scalability and rich forms of expression

Outdoor advertising has various forms of expression, more unique characteristics, and has the function of beautifying the city. These advertisements form a seamless effect with the city, which often makes consumers accept advertising information more naturally. Moreover, outdoor advertisements with unique design and beautiful appearance have even become an important indicator for consumers to judge brands or products. More importantly, outdoor advertising is also an important part of the media mix, and outdoor advertising has a great influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Outdoor advertising will begin to be seen as a direct response medium. As cardless payment, including special payment and mobile payment, has enhanced the traction of merchants, and the increase in consumer usage has far exceeded that of early users.

Along the consumer’s action trajectory, outdoor advertising will increase its relevance. As a major brand awareness driver, the sense of form can now become a tool to control real-time procurement.

High frequency exposure, strong visual impact

Outdoor advertising has a certain forced appeal nature. Even consumers who are in a hurry may leave a certain impression because of a casual glance at the advertisement, and leave a deep impression on certain products through repeated repetitions, indicating its effectiveness in conveying information and expanding influence.

Moreover, due to changes in the communication environment, market environment and lifestyle, outdoor advertising will be reshuffled from time to time. Advertising media that are not suitable for the times and consumers will face the risk of being eliminated at any time, but outdoor advertising will not have such a risk. No matter how it changes, outdoor advertising will only become more and more influential, and its position in the minds of advertisers will become more and more important, and it will not face the risk of being replaced at all.

In summary, despite the continuous development of digitalization and Internet advertising, outdoor advertising is still an indispensable form of advertising with its unique advantages and effects.

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