Naked-eye 3D screens are popular, LED outdoor display screens are experiencing a new encounter?

In recent years, ‘naked-eye 3D’ has become a hot topic. Wherever it appears, it becomes a hot topic on the internet and a popular spot for selfies. Nowadays, with the gradual maturity of naked-eye 3D technology, it frequently appears on stages, outdoor scenic spots, and city streets. As a carrier of this technology, LED outdoor advertising display screens have once again caught people’s attention.

A giant wave naked-eye 3D LED display screen from South Korea is taking the internet by storm. With the combination of technology and creative advertising, LED outdoor advertising display screens are giving more and more people in the advertising media industry the opportunity to see the potential of naked-eye 3D outdoor display screens. It seems that the decline of outdoor display screens is experiencing a new turnaround.”

naked-eye 3D

Creative Displays + Outdoor Naked-eye 3D = Internet Sensation, LED Outdoor Display Screens Become Urban New Landmarks?

In today’s urban commercial areas, the collision point between outdoor LED display screens and urban symbiosis seems to find its answer in naked-eye 3D and creative displays. The “3788 Asia Light” outdoor screen on Guanyin Street in Chongqing, China, has become one of the landmark representatives of urban landscapes.

It recently staged a stunning future city naked-eye 3D show, which went viral on social media platforms, with statistics showing that the naked-eye 3D project reached over a billion views online, garnering coverage from official media outlets. Following this, the giant screen once again recreated the classic scene of “light rail passing through buildings,” using scenes familiar to people in Chongqing for creative design, showcasing the unique characteristics of this city.

Naked-eye 3D screens

Today, dazzling naked-eye 3D large screens have the potential to become new local landmarks, reshaping the image of cities. Through the combination of creative videos and LED outdoor screens, unique visual scenes are created by integrating the distinctive cultural features of the city with naked-eye 3D technology. This process transforms the city’s characteristic scenes into visual spectacles. For instance, the emergence of the naked-eye 3D spaceship LED 8K giant screen in Taikoo Li, Chengdu, China, incorporates the city’s unique features, establishing urban “IP” and crafting new city symbols.

naked-eye 3D and creative displays

And in terms of discussing the construction of new urban landmarks and culture, a certain professor pointed out in the article “City Screens: Reshaping Urban Public Spaces” that urban screens, represented by New York’s Times Square, can express and guide the visual cultural orientation of cities, integrating cultural orientation into the city’s landscape to form a new part of cultural tradition and highly recognizable urban features.

This indicates that outdoor LED display screens can reshape new urban cultural styles and characteristics in the new era, giving cities new cultural senses and emotional tones, creating new urban impressions, and forming new urban styles.

For example, the current cyberpunk urban style has led a trend in architectural decoration styles for a while. The most prominent visual elements in this style are neon lights and dazzling giant screens.

Urban transformation: LED screens reshape culture

Nowadays, the gigantic screens hanging from skyscrapers, as seen in the game “Cyberpunk 2077” and the movie “Blade Runner 2049,” have stepped into reality, with dazzling neon lights shining in cities. As mentioned in the literature above, the role of outdoor LED display screens today is not only for advertising but also for creative videos and naked-eye 3D integration.

Through innovative urban design, they recreate new urban landscapes, provide new cultural identities for cities, and contribute to urban image dissemination.

“The future of the city will evolve into a ‘screenworld,'” scholar L. Wallace predicted in an article in 2003. He believed that people’s lives in the future would be surrounded by screens, forming a media space where people interact with the world through screens and other media. Just like the scenes in the movie “Blade Runner 2049,” where spaces are filled with huge neon lights and LED screens, creating a colorful world that embodies the cyberpunk style, LED display screens play an indispensable role in this world.

The combination of naked-eye 3D technology and creative displays can rejuvenate LED outdoor advertising screens and turn them into a form of creative art. Government regulation and planning are essential for its better development.

Both the government and outdoor advertising companies should explore the integration of urban and modern landscape aesthetics. As carriers of outdoor advertising displays, LED screens also bear the responsibility of disseminating urban culture, integrating urban cultural elements into them, establishing urban IP, and making LED screens a part of urban identity.

In the tide of naked-eye 3D technology and the integration of urban cultural characteristics, the LED display screen industry will usher in a new wave. With the accelerating pace of urbanization, the demand for urban beautification and lighting is expanding, making it a vast market. The decline of outdoor display screens will also usher in a rising period.

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