Ultra-high-definition LED display screens help digital signage rise rapidly

With the continuous advancement of technology and the broad expansion of application fields, LED display technology, especially small pitch LED displays, has become a hot topic in command and dispatch centers. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the market development of small pitch LED displays in command and dispatch centers, exploring their vast potential in this field.

LED digital signage has developed into the current dynamic multimedia content display, supporting audience rating, touch-screen human-computer interaction, remote/central management, precise content arrangement, distribution of digital signage, and the wide application of emerging technologies such as face recognition, perceptual computing, mobile payment, etc., in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather, to release business, financial or entertainment information to people, to meet people’s instant perception of audio-visual needs.

The market is gradually maturing, accelerating the definition of digital signage. Its main products include interactive electronic whiteboards, LED screens, commercial TVs and advertising machines. Driven by technology and the market, the current digital signage market mainly presents the following development trends:

Ultra-high-definition LED digital signage “marriage” win-win

In recent years, LED display products mainly based on small spacing have gradually occupied market advantages in the field of digital signage by virtue of perfect and mature display technology, combined with the diversity of digital signage application fields. At the same time, with the development of ultra-high-definition technologies and applications such as Micro/MiniLED, more and more small-pitch LED companies are accelerating towards the path of segmented and differentiated markets in order to seek greater development, and digital signage will also become an important support for small-pitch LED companies to “walk on multiple legs”.

Solutions have become the focus of defining new terminal product categories

The development of the industry has led many screen companies to gradually converge in terms of technology and product categories. With the update and iteration of screen technology, almost any type of hardware products in the LED display industry are constantly pursuing the optimization and upgrading of indicators such as high definition, large screen and high resolution. Therefore, the current solution-based product design ideas and customized application scenario solutions will become the key to defining terminal LED digital signage products.

Information customization and interactive needs promote the vigorous development of advertising machines

Driven by the renewal of the network and the digital age, the functions of LED digital advertising machines in the retail and service industries have begun to gradually upgrade from pure advertising and information display. At present, many LED advertising machines already have the relevant functions of information screening and human-screen interaction, so as to better interact with consumers more deeply and continuously improve consumer satisfaction. Relevant institutions predict that the compound annual growth rate of advertising machines will reach 17.6% in the next five years.

New infrastructure drives the growth of LED screen market demand

Since 2020, the national level has vigorously promoted the development of new infrastructure. As an important carrier of urban information carrying and sharing solutions, LED screens have helped improve resource utilization efficiency and urban management service levels in epidemic prevention and control publicity, urban transportation, security monitoring rooms, remote office education and other aspects. According to relevant data statistics, with the continuous updating of technology and the maturity of 5G networks, the compound annual growth rate of the LED screen market will reach 12.7% in the next five years.

With the acceleration of the digital transformation of the entire society, digital screens have become the main medium to replace paper, from mobile phones to large TVs or large commercial screens, which can be seen everywhere in our lives. This year’s epidemic has even increased the frequency of users using digital screens. Driven by user needs and technological development, the entire digital signage market, including commercial LED screens, will usher in rapid development opportunities.

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