The reasons for choosing outdoor advertising

In today’s Internet age, if there is any form of advertising that can instantly capture consumers’ attention, penetrate into consumers’ hearts and reach advertising information, making consumers irresistible, it must be outdoor advertising!

I remember seeing this sentence in an article: “The Internet has swallowed everything. It has swallowed television, print, newspapers, music and books. But it has not and will never swallow outdoor media.”

Whether it is a large Internet company or a well-known online platform, even if it already has its own platform, client, and online advertising media, it still needs outdoor advertising to attract consumers’ attention and help brands firmly penetrate consumers’ hearts! What are the advantages of outdoor advertising and the magic of winning consumers’ favor?

The large advertising area creates the unique charm of outdoor advertising

Take the conventional single-decker bus advertising as an example. If the bus is 12 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 3 meters high, how large is the advertising area for the bus with the entire body?

2 bodies, front and rear: 1232+2.532=72+15=87㎡

Not to mention the big-name advertising on the walls of buildings and outdoor LED large-screen advertising. Unlike TV advertising and the Internet, which only exist on narrow screens, big-name advertising and LED advertising with large advertising screens can grab consumers’ attention at the first time even from a long distance.

Many outdoor LED billboards have become a beautiful landscape, integrated with urban buildings and becoming part of the landmark!

Outdoor LED large-screen advertising has been sticking to its position for many years. Some people may think that they have become accustomed to its existence and have almost no impact on themselves. According to the relevant survey, 26.04% of them think that there is no impact, 29.17% think that there is no impact and it doesn’t matter, and only about 15% of people think that outdoor advertising has an impact on them.

However, the agency discovered a strange phenomenon. Many people chose outdoor advertising and it had no effect on them. However, when shopping, they would think of this outdoor advertising and even choose to buy the product. Therefore, we found that outdoor advertising does not have no effect on consumers. In fact, they have memory of the content of the advertisement. The audience receives the content of the advertisement unconsciously. When they come into contact with the product again, the short-term memory will take effect and affect their final decision. Outdoor advertising has a subtle impact on consumers’ psychology, leaving an impression in consumers’ subconsciousness, thus playing a role in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Everyone who goes out will be exposed to outdoor advertising. There is no need to contact a certain carrier, such as turning on the TV, opening newspapers and magazines, or logging on to the website. You can see outdoor advertising by walking on the road or the street. This is the irresistible contact of outdoor advertising.

Isn’t this the highest level of advertising influence? Quietly, when consumers are unprepared, the dissemination of advertising information is completed, which has an impact on consumers’ psychology and behavior, and becomes an advertisement that consumers cannot refuse.

Technological innovation brings more possibilities to outdoor LED large-screen advertising

Outdoor LED large-screen advertising can mobilize a variety of on-site expression methods to create a comprehensive and rich sensory stimulation, and images, sentences, three-dimensional objects, dynamic sound effects, environment, etc. can be cleverly integrated. At the same time, using AR interactive 3D naked eye and other technologies, large-screen media and mobile Internet terminals are interacted to achieve seamless connection from offline to online.

For advertisers and advertisers, it is important to adapt to the development of the times, technological progress, and embrace digital transformation. It is equally important that the content of the advertisement tells a good brand story and creates empathy points with users, which is the key to establishing market advantages.

In the era of traditional mass media, the main purpose and function of outdoor advertising communication is to inform information. Under the limited creativity and one-way communication mode with communicators as the main body, the advantages of outdoor advertising have not been fully utilized.

In the mobile Internet era, consumers’ motivation for contact with outdoor advertising tends to be emotional. Nowadays, the diversification of media and consumers’ active search have increased the channels for satisfying “information needs”. The motivation for contact with outdoor advertising has gradually penetrated into consumers’ psychology, life and social life, turning to psychological needs, entertainment and leisure in boring time and space, creating topics for interacting with others, etc. Socialized consumers pay more attention to individual emotional experience and expression in the acceptance and processing of information. This makes outdoor advertising pay attention to the psychological element of emotion in the process of creative communication, which may have unexpected effects on its influence on consumer behavior.

In today’s Internet era, if there is any form of advertising that can instantly capture consumers’ attention, penetrate into consumers’ hearts to complete the contact of advertising information, and make consumers irresistible, it must be outdoor advertising!

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