How to solve the sudden failure of full-color LED display?

The full-color LED display is now the best tool for visual publicity, and it is widely loved by the business community.

However, at the same time, it is also an electronic product, and problems are inevitable for any product. Nowadays, only those who specialize in full-color LED display installation know how to install and repair LED displays.

Moreover, no matter which LED display manufacturer it is, it is impossible for them to go to the site in person and provide good technical support whenever a customer encounters a problem.

Therefore, how can one solve the sudden failure of the full-color LED display?

Not working, sending card green light flashing – Fault phenomenon 1:

Fault cause:

1. The screen is not powered

2. The network cable is not connected properly

3. The receiving card is not powered or the power supply voltage is too low

4. The sending card is broken

5. The signal transmission intermediate device is connected or has a fault (such as: function card, repeater)


1. Check and confirm that the screen power supply is normal

2. Check and reconnect the network cable

3. Ensure that the power supply DC output power supply is 5-5.2V

4. Replace the sending card

5. Check the connection or replace the function card (repeater)

“Large screen system not found” prompts when starting? – Fault phenomenon 2:

Cause of failure:

1. The serial port line or USB line is not connected to the sending card

2. The computer COM or USB port is broken

3. The serial port line or USB line is broken

4. The sending card is broken

5. The USB driver is not installed


1. Confirm and connect the serial port line

2. Change the computer

3. Change the serial port line

4. Change the sending card

5. Install the new version of the software or install the USB driver separately

The long strip with the same height as the light board does not display? – Fault phenomenon 3:

Failure cause:

1. The flat cable is not in good contact or disconnected

2. There is a problem with the output of the former display light board or the input of the latter at the junction


1. Re-insert or replace the cable

2. First determine which display module is faulty and then replace it for repair

3 to 6 of some modules do not display? – Fault phenomenon 4:

Cause of failure:

1. Power protection or damage

2. AC power cord contact is not good


1. Check and confirm that the power supply is normal

2. Reconnect the power cord

The entire box does not display? – Fault phenomenon 5:

Failure cause:

1. 220V power supply line is not connected properly

2. Network cable transmission has problems

3. Receiving card is damaged

4. HUB board is misplaced


1. Check the power supply line

2. Confirm to replace the network cable

3. Replace the receiving card

4. Re-insert the HUB

The whole screen is dotted, the image is moving? – Fault phenomenon 6:

Cause of failure:

1. The driver loading program is wrong

2. The network cable between the computer and the screen is too long or the quality is poor

3. The sending card is broken


1. Re-operate to load the receiving card file

2. Shorten the length of the network cable or replace it

3. Replace the sending card

The above are just a few of the common problems associated with the sudden failure of full-color LED display screens, and both the causes of these failures and their solutions are mentioned. If friends experience any of the above sudden failures of LED display screens during daily use, they can use this information to eliminate and solve the problems. As the saying goes, products need maintenance, and it is obvious that full-color LED electronic display screens are no exception. Therefore, daily cleaning and maintenance of full-color LED display screens is definitely essential.

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