Creative special-shaped LED display, leading the new trend of “vision”!

With the development of the LED display industry, product performance has been significantly improved, and there are more and more product appearances and subcategories, such as special-shaped screens, flexible screens, transparent screens, naked-eye 3D large screens, etc.

Creative screens of various shapes have begun to appear in the exhibition display industry. Their novel and unique visual impact has brought people a new visual experience. They have emerged in various parts of the country and quickly become popular.

So, what specific role can creative LED special-shaped screens play in exhibitions? Let me take you to have an in-depth understanding.

Various shapes and wide application scenarios

Compared with traditional flat and square LED display screens, creative special-shaped screens have various shapes, including spherical, cylindrical, tree-shaped, pyramid-shaped, strip curtain-shaped, etc., which can add a different kind of beauty with unique shapes, and perfectly combine with architectural structures and environments such as science and technology museums and museums, bringing immersive visual art enjoyment.

So far, Chinastar has launched a variety of special-shaped screen products and solutions such as LED spherical screens, LED rotating screens, LED tree-shaped speaker screens, LED can screens, Christmas tree-shaped screens, etc., to create a stronger visual experience, which are widely used in various theme experience halls such as commercial center displays, science and technology museums, museums, memorial halls, park exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls, big data exhibition halls, etc.

Personalization, customization, more suitable for needs

The significant advantages of personalization and customization of creative LED special-shaped screens can meet the different application needs of customers, achieve reasonable installation in combination with different application sites, better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the application scene, and achieve perfect coordination with the overall environment.

Chinastar’s naked-eye 3D large screen has become one of the popular “old regulars” on the Internet. As long as good content appears on the naked-eye 3D large screen, it will always be popular. As an “old Internet celebrity” in the field of LED display screens, with its huge advantages in independent communication, traffic monetization, brand value-added, and creating Internet celebrity landmarks, it has become an important means for improving the cultural tourism night tourism industry in various places.

Get rid of the “carrier” identity, and the content integration is higher

The overall presentation effect of conventional LED screens in the space is too monotonous, but the image content on the special-shaped display screen will become more vivid. For example, the combination of special-shaped projection images with real landscapes and product appearance can give exhibits more vitality, and such a peculiar special-shaped display screen also brings more surprises to the visual presentation effect of the content.

Integrating AR/VR and XR virtual technology, more expressive

With the development of modern information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and 5G, digital technology has become an important engine for industrial innovation, and the trend of digital transformation of exhibition halls has become more and more obvious.

In the future, consumers will have a stronger demand for immersive, sci-fi interactive exhibitions. LED special-shaped display screens can also continue to expand their own market in this field. By adding black technologies such as three-dimensional holographic images, AR/VR, XR virtual technology, and metaverse, more interactive designs can be added to the exhibition hall display, making the traditional static display move towards a dynamic display of science and technology.

For example, LED floor tile screens and LED sky screens jointly build an immersive space, the spherical screen controls the rotation of the screen content through the operating terminal, and the combined display screen creates dynamic effects through the position changes of each module screen, etc., to show the audience a cool, technological, and modern visual effect.

In general, with the promotion of the market demand for exhibition and display applications, the application of LED creative special-shaped screens in various types of exhibition halls and exhibition halls is increasing day by day, and LED creative special-shaped screens have broad development space in the exhibition hall market.

Shenzhen Chinastar, with its many years of special-shaped design experience and cutting-edge design thinking, will promote the development of creative display to a higher quality. Bring more shocking creative display products to customers.

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