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Die-Casting Aluminum 960mmx960mm Standard Size LED Screen

Die-Casting Aluminum 960mmx960mm Standard LED Panel Screen, Outdoor SMD led display module including P2.5 P3 P4 P5 P6 P6.67 P8 and P10, Outdoor DIP led display module including P10 P16.


Standard outdoor LED display modules have the following advantages:

1) Unified size: The module size is 320mmx160mm, making the assembly of LED displays easier and faster.
2) Unified cabinet standard: Using a 960mmx960mm magnesium alloy LED cabinet with unified screw hole positions, which facilitates quick installation and disassembly.
3) Superior display performance: Pay more attention to the display performance of the LED display to ensure clear, stable and bright colors.
4) Quick assembly and maintenance: The design takes into account the need for quick assembly and maintenance, making it easier for users to perform installation and maintenance work.
outdoor LED display modules

Compared with other outdoor LED boxes, standard outdoor LED displays have a more unified and standardized design, as well as better maintainability and reliability, while ensuring the consistency and stability of the display effect.

LED screen outdoor

Standard outdoor LED display modules have uniform size and number of screw holes, and can be used in combination with P4, P5, P6.67, P8, and P10. In addition, only the old LED display module needs to be replaced without changing the LED box structure, LED power supply and LED control system, thus saving a lot of material and labor costs.

outdoor LED display module

Standard Size 960mmx960mm, Die Casting Aluminum Less Weight Magnesium Alloy LED Display Panel For Fixed led screen Installation. This standardized design helps improve the assembly efficiency and maintenance convenience of LED displays, and ensures the consistency and stability of display performance.


outdoor LED modules

Standard outdoor LED displays are usually used in various outdoor places, such as billboards, commercial plazas, stadiums, stations, airports, roadsides, etc. They can be used for display advertising, information release, live events, public safety notifications, etc. to provide people with visual information and entertainment.

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