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Sphere LED screen is a special-shaped LED display screen. Its screen is spherical or approximately spherical and can display content 360 degrees. This kind of screen usually consists of many LED modules connected into a spherical or nearly spherical structure, allowing viewers to view the content on the screen from all directions.

Application scopes of new technology design curve sphere screen led display:Widely applied to Museum, Planetarium, Exhibition, Sports Stadium, Airport, Hotel, Railway Station, Shopping Mall, Bar and etc.

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1.What advantages and features of Sphere LED Screen? 

The biggest feature of the LED spherical screen is the innovative display method, which can immediately attract people’s attention.
Besides, spherical LED screens have the following features and advantages:
Seamless splicing: Ladder circuit design is used to achieve seamless splicing and high flatness of LED display modules, ensuring the coherence and integrity of the display content.
Creative shape: Compared with other shapes of LED displays, such as LED cube displays and triangular LED displays, the LED spherical display can see the complete content at any angle without distortion, making the display more ornamental and attractive. .
Flexible basic design: The customized production and shape design of the LED spherical screen make power supply and heat dissipation more flexible. The parameters of the digital ball can be set according to needs, and the screen can be customized by professionals to meet the needs of different occasions.

2.How to get LED spherical display?

The steps to make an LED spherical display are as follows:
First, we need to clarify some key factors:
1) Determine the size and shape of the spherical display, whether it is a hemisphere or a full sphere.
2) Determine the usage scenario of the LED display, whether indoors or outdoors.
3) Decide on the installation method, such as suspended mounting or floor placement.
4) Consider your audience’s viewing distance and viewing angle.
LED spherical display
Then, discuss the dimensions with a professional and follow these steps:
1) According to the design requirements, the LED modules are specially designed to fit into the spherical structure.
LED spherical display
LED spherical display
2)Design steel structural supports and ensure solid fixation and surface flatness of the LED modules.
3)Produce LED lamp beads and circuit boards and assemble them into LED modules.
4)Install the LED module according to the design drawings and perform debugging.
Finally, make sure the display is working properly and meeting expectations.

3. Pixel Pitch of Sphere LED Display

LED Ball Diameter 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m ,3.6m, 4m for you for choice.
For indoor spherical display screens, P2, P2.5, and P3 are all commonly used parameters. For outdoor spherical displays, P3, P4, P5, P8, and P10 pixel pitches are often visible.
Different pixel pitches and sizes may require additional design. So you can directly ask for the existing model, which will save a lot of cost  

4. What are the common installation methods for led spherical screens?


Suspension installation: The LED spherical screen can be installed by hanging from the ceiling or a bracket. This installation method is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments and can create unique visual effects in various venues.

Bracket support: The LED spherical screen can be installed on the ground through bracket support. The bracket can be fixed on the ground or other support structures to ensure that the LED spherical screen stands firmly on the ground.

Wall installation: The LED spherical screen can be installed directly on the wall and fixed to the wall through a bracket or bracket system. This installation method is suitable for places where content needs to be displayed on the wall, such as commercial exhibitions, indoor events, etc.

Ground placement: The LED spherical screen can be placed directly on the flat ground without additional brackets or support structures. This installation method is suitable for temporary events or displays and allows for quick set-up and disassembly.

Each installation method has its specific advantages and applicable scenarios. It is very important to choose the appropriate installation method according to actual needs and site conditions.

5. Price of Spherical Display

The price of LED spherical display screen varies depending on parameters and hardware configuration. Compared to other types of displays, spherical displays may require special design, which may incur additional charges and affect delivery time.

However, Chinastar LED always provides customers with high-quality LED spherical displays at the most reasonable prices and preferential quotations. We promise to deliver all products to customers in a timely and safe manner!

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Sphere LED ScreenSphere LED Screen


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