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The Best 3D LED Display- AFD Series Full Guide!

The best outdoor 3D LED screen combines excellent display effects with extremely high protection levels. Bright, high-definition images make ads more eye-catching and unforgettable.

What are the requirements for the best 3D LED screen experience? How to choose the best product for your project? AFD series high-quality 3D LED displays perfectly meet various needs and become your first choice!

  1. What Is 3D LED Display?
  2. Application of 3D LED Display
  3. Highlights of AFD Series
  4. AFD Series Specification
  5. Chinastar Project Case
  6. Conclusion

What Is 3D LED Display?

3D LED display, also called naked-eye 3D LED display, is a screen made with LED technology and has the ability to display real three-dimensional effects. Through special technologies and materials, it enables viewers to perceive the depth and three-dimensionality of images directly with the naked eye without the need for additional glasses or equipment, providing viewers with a fascinating visual experience.

Application of 3D LED Display

Naked eye3D LED Display
P4 P5 P6 P8 P10
6500 to 10000 High brightness
Support 90°or any curved angle screen

Outdoor Application

Outdoor Application

Commercial plazas and shopping malls

public squares and parks

Indoor Application

Outdoor Application

Commercial plazas and shopping malls

public squares and parks

Highlights of AFD Series

AFD series of high-quality LED displays incorporate multiple technological innovations! Abandoning the traditional design that relies on cabinets, a single display panel can independently become a display unit. AFD series LED panels using high-brush chips show clear images and high contrast, maintaining good image consistency and reproducibility even when shot with a mobile phone. This series of innovative designs provide you with superior display performance.

  • P4 P5 P6 P8 P10
  • 6500 to 10000 High brightness
  • Perfect 480x 320 mm Big size Module
  • Support 90°or any curved angle screen
  • High Protection Aluminum Chassis Panel Design
  • Standard size cabinet with 960*960mm dimension
  • IP65 protection level on the rear and the front side
  • The best Energy-saving whole aluminum front service screen

Fire test

The naked-eye 3D LED display is super safe, not afraid of high temperatures and durable, providing users with an excellent user experience. Its safety is due to a high level of protection, including water and fire resistance, certified by a TUV certificate and an IP66 certificate. It exhibits excellent resistance to high temperature environments, ensuring reliable operation under extreme climate conditions.
Its durability is achieved through advanced materials and structural design, allowing it to withstand extended periods of operation without loss of performance, resulting in a longer service life. These characteristics make naked-eye 3D LED displays a safe, stable and reliable choice, suitable for various environments and application scenarios.

Ultra stable and solid texture

Common cathode energy-saving design,low heat;all-aluminum bottom shell product,good heat dissipation,wireless connection

Save energy and money

  1. You can choose not to wrap the edges of the screen.
  2. Strong thermal conductivity, no need to install air conditioning
  3. Brightness 10000CD,maximum power consumption 510W/m2

Flexible 3D display

Industry’s original seamless splicing technology.

naked-eye 3D effect display,reality plus virtuality

Super bright

The only high-brightness product in the industry with a 10,000-level luminous decay of less than5%.After 5 years,it is still as good as new.

Lighter and thinner

Light and thin,the aluminum box weighs 28kg/m and has a thickness of 75mm.lt supports full front or rear maintenance,saving installation space.

3d led screen outdoor

Ultra-HD energy-saving display

Common cathode energy-saving circuit design, independent private model, power consumption is morethan 50% energy-saving than traditional outdoor screens.

Die-casting Aluminum

Aluminum module chassis. IC and PCB hidden design,directly heat transfer with the module chassis, achieve the best effect of heat dissipation.


Heat dissipation gap between the module and thecabinet, better heat dissipation effect.

AFD Series Specification

ApplicationNaked Eye 3D Outdoor Digital Advertising
ColorFull color
Panel Size960*960mm
Pixel Pitch6.67 mm8 mm10 mm
Place of OriginChina
Module size480x320mm
Brand NameChinastar 3D Outdoor Led Screen Display
Product nameOutdoor P6 led Screen displayOutdoor P8 led Screen displayOutdoor P10 led Screen display
Pixel Density22500 dots/M21 5625 dots/M210000 dots/M2
LED LightsSMD 2727SMD 3535SMD 3535
Cabinet size960mm*960mm
Cabinet resolution144*144192*192120*120
Scan mode6 scan5 scan2 scan
Refresh rate> 3840 Hz

Chinastar Project Case


As a high-quality outdoor 3D LED display, the AFD series can meet your diverse visual presentation and advertising display needs in outdoor scenes. Its high contrast and high refresh rate screen design ensures your content is presented to your audience with a deep impression. If you want to get a detailed quotation on the latest outdoor naked-eye 3D LED display, please contact us now! Our professional team will provide comprehensive solutions for your project!

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